CSA mistake means I am in arrears

December 11, 2009

I am sure I am not the worst case on here!

I had two daughters with my ex partner and we split up in 1999. Because of other circumstances I was not employed for a few years and I got married, my wife is disabled. It was then I was first assessed by the CSA and because I was claiming income support and carers allowance there was nothing to pay. I returned to work in 2005 and was contacted again in 2007 while I was in a temporary role, requesting information. Astonishingly 7-8 months later they replied having made an assessment and arrears that were owing.

My employment circumstances had changed several times since that assessment and I told them so immediately. They had also assessed me for both daughters when I knew for a fact that the eldest one was living away from home. Fortunately they re-assessed again (my daughters ages were 16 and 18 now) and when it was resolved it amounted to a one off payment of £50.66 and that was settled.

Last month I received another letter which threatened that if I did not reply by a certain date they would make an assessment in my absence, it transpired that an earlier letter had been sent in October as a spot check to “update their records” which I never received. I replied and submitted all the information they requested promptly in mid November 2009. I received an assessment dated 01/12/2009 with an assessment dated from 02/10/2009 to pay £55.67 a week, so through no fault of my own I owe 2 months arrears already.

I have no contact with my daughters as they are alienated from me mainly because of the mother. It seems that my youngest daughter is in full time education at college and claims the EMA allowance, my ex partner is on some kind of benefit. When I received the letter from the CSA’s finance department they gave me a weekly schedule (I am paid monthly) expecting me to pay £101.76 a week from 11 Dec till February which would clear the arrears then it would be £55.67 till Dec 2010.

My daughter turns 19 in March 2010 and when I stated this I was told I would have to tell them! They would not negotiate any easier level of repaying the arrears so I decided to pay the arrears on my credit card (£445) to keep the monthly payments to a minimum which will leave me to pay £241.23 a month. As I said my daughter is at college claiming EMA and I understand she does some part time jobs. My ex partner is on benefit so I understand the maximum she will get is £20 a week.

All this amounts to is an extra tax on me as no one benefits. Their blundering and the heavy handed bullying nature of their correspondence leaves me and my wife very distressed by the whole saga and I have had to go to relatives for financial help. I have been honest and co-operative all along yet I am made to feel like a criminal. Its appalling.


  • Ian Longman says:

    The CSA is unfair unjust and is always out to gold dig and drain mens bank accounts like mine and I am sure many other mens bank accounts.

  • marcus says:

    i’am in a very similar situation to you.Basically bulied buy a out of date system developed many years ago. My issue is the fact of being stuck on the old system after 7 years. The over payment must be huge and must be addressed

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