CSA manager knows they break the law

September 7, 2011

Basically the story starts when I moved out and we had shared care. Unbeknown to me my ex put in a claim to the CSA saying our children where with her 100% of the time so they sent me an assessment for a silly amount of money. I rang them immediately and they seemed okay and fairly co-operative. A week later a received an identical assessment! I rang again and repeated the conversation and they promised to ‘review’ the information.

Same thing occurred accept this time a threat was contained stating that if I failed to pay etc I would be hung drawn and quartered (well not quite but fined and so on!) I rang again after reading up on the legal statute on Child Maintenance and recorded the whole conversation – the crux was the manager I spoke to said, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s legally correct or not we still take that money direct from your wages”

A month later they deducted 43% of my NET wage direct from salary and have continued to do so and I can’t afford to live – What the hell do I do to stop them? To make matters worse my ex has absconded hundreds of miles away and because of the deductions I can’t even afford to travel to see my children – or basic food stuffs for that matter! Surely this can’t be legal? I rang with all the correct information and informed them the initial by my ex was fraudulent but they ignored the info and deducted anyway!

Please help!


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  1. KMcQ80 on September 8th, 2011 9:50 am

    Do NOT deal with the CSA over the phone.
    One person says one thing,another says something different and your deduction will be yet different again.
    Become ex-directory.
    Deal only by post.
    Make a copy of your letters and replies.
    Reply asap to any CSA letter.
    File all in date order.
    Challenge for ask for proof any fictitious arrears.

  2. Craig on September 13th, 2011 11:56 pm

    Come and join this group on Facebook


    you will get some good sound advice, the CSA are disgraceful they done exactly the same to me they raised two liability orders against me which the dates are fictitious and on the other I should have had a nil assessment which they did not bother to change and continued with the old assessment and ignored my letters when I was telling them, that was Gary Chick of Plymouth and Sue Waldron. Who was the CSA manager you were speaking with? please tell us all I have every intention of naming and shaming anyone who works for this lawless corrupt agency.

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