CSA maladministration has left me out of pocket

November 29, 2014

After several letters of complaint, I received a letter from CSA this morning.

It states that ‘….liability for child deductions ended in October 2013.’

It also stated that ‘….investigations need to be carried out to see if any arrears are due.’

Point One- According to their letter, CSA have been carrying out unlawful deductions from me since October 2013 to date. This amounts to a few thousand pounds.

Point Two – How can there be any arrears considering a few thousand pounds are owed to me.

Additionally, CSA recently sent me an annual statement indicating that arrears is zero? THERE was no mention of reimbursement or compensation in the letter.


  • Karen75 says:

    I would make a formal complaint stating that you want your overpayment refunded, do this by letter or email so you can keep copies. Dont send them your original statement showing no arrears as this may ‘get lost’ in their system. You are in a strong position to get a refund, however, when this happened to us, they paid us back the overpayment within a few weeks from the public purse and they said they would then chase his ex for the amount she has recieved wrongly, so expect a delay if she is not in a position to pay (our ex was able) as they in turn might delay your refund for this reason, especially as it is thousands (ours was 500 quid) dont know if there is a cap which would make it go through a different channel.

    Failing joy with this, get your local MP to take up your case, you could also get a copy of your data file in the meantime and try and work out if you have been ripped off and overpaid and by how much, you have to ask the CSA direct for this.

    Good luck.

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