CSA making claim for third party even though benefits have been claimed

September 19, 2011

My husband has 2 children to a previous relationship and has been paying maintenance through the CSA for years. The children’s mother moved to Scotland around 4 years ago and the children have remained in Newcastle with their Grandparents despite us trying to get full custody of them at court (which is another story all on its own!)

We informed the csa the children weren’t living with their mother and questioned why we should pay her maintenance when the Grandmother was claiming tax credits for the children who were residing with her. The csa then wrote to us back in may and informed us that we weren’t liable to pay any more maintenance as the children didn’t live with their mother. A couple of months later they took my husbands bank details and said that they would be making a lump sum of back dated money we had paid.

After a few weeks we still hadn’t heard anything and my husband contacted them and a new caseworker had taken over the file and said that we weren’t entitled to anything back as the children’s mother had told the csa she had been paying the Grandmother the maintenance we had been giving her every month. When my husband asked if they had any proof of this they said they didn’t need any and their decision was final! I know the family have been committing benefit fraud for years under several different names and the Grandmother was claiming for benefits in Newcastle for the children whilst the mother was claiming maintenance from us through the Scottish csa. To make matters worse we have now just received a letter from the english csa office to say that the Grandmother has now claimed for maintenance from us!

We will pay maintenance for his children however what keeps going around in my mind is how the mother of her own children has not had a claim made against her! As far as I am aware any non-resident parent is made to pay csa. She has never contributed anything to the cost of living for her own children and we have paid her for years, now this has stopped the Grandmother is trying to get us to pay her and the mother is getting away without paying again!!!!

I am very frustrated by this whole thing and the csa don’t really seem to want to help the father of the children at all, they seem to favour the mother in every case whether they live with them or not. I want to take this further but not sure what to do as the csa don’t seem to be helping. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rob says:

    The problem for the absent parent is they are in effect trying to fight a state funded
    organization that has as its sole purpose to raise revenue by any means possible
    & as pointed out by another site many of the organizations we naturaly turn to for help such as citizens advise & the courts are in fact stakeholders in this state run exstortion outfit
    leaving the victims with nowhere to turn To make matters worse the csa staff are motivated by bonus mentality which encorages lies & false information being fed into the system. I recall all the suicides that left many children without any fathers at all is it the goverments intention to repeat these tragic events.

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