CSA makes money out of misery

February 3, 2018

And anyway it’s all bollocks

The stress will give me a heart attack being kicked out of my home on an unfair charge That is not regulated by any independent Ice team same as Tribunals the same Ombudsman the same The policy will not change So make a petition to abolish this company On the grounds of oppression and abusive practice Because if csa was disbanded Then why is Cms given greater powers to the same actions on law abiding citizens who pay taxes have homes And want to be in their children’s lives By Cms action it has denied ten of thousands of decent parents that right Which what the children’s act was set up for so children could be balanced Knowing they had the love and life experiences with both parents The most important part is that we are customers and they are a provider of a service Then how can it not be governed by that law Fair wage the protected earnings I’m a target because I wanted a home for security and to be a father to my children And not be on state benefit Being denied an income then it does lack common sense Being told I should grateful we can take more than the 435 per month from earnings For what reason no reason just because is not an answer Sounds like I don’t want to pay I do I offered 10% of my low income it was agreed by promise over the phone rejected when I paid and stupidity thinking that would be the end and move forward no No money in fba so doe 378 oh it’s a bit excessive won’t take it again Anot her lie pay the statory payments it will go down Another false promise a lie which is dishonest And taking monies on false promise is fraud and a breach of the consumer rights To have a fair and open and balanced system If the system is just a projection of misery anxiety loss of 60% income Then it’s just a scam They get upset when I called them the nazi party and I’m waiting for a call from the gestapo No need to be like that Every reason to be that way if they behave and treat people like the way they have done And the new law is on households now and single dad’s again don’t count because having a home which in fact is a household ?

So taking able bodied people out of employment because of computer generated letters of financial abuse Is common ground and is lawful in our modern society If the pwc lost 60% of their income and committing harm to life It would stop in an instant Men have allowed are rights to be eroded because crimes men did in the past But liverpool was built on slavery and so was most of the country This is just a new slave industry And money is being made out of this misery.


One Response to “CSA makes money out of misery”

  1. Tim burrough on February 3rd, 2018 9:32 pm

    I am a father whom has been given a bill of £8,600 from so called 17yrs ago
    I have proven this amount is in correct to the child maintenance service .
    But still the liability order of this amount has now been given to a collections
    Agency to collect goods to the amount of :
    Good luck to all fathers which do the best for there children and then get shafted
    By the CMS..

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