CSA makes money off the money I pay

September 20, 2010

After putting a complaint in against the csa because they have put me in arreas, i have requested a schedule of payments from july 2007. On checking these schedules it has become apparent that the CSA after taking what they say are your monthly payment has calculated so that (in my case) there is always between 30-80 pounds left in their account.

This money as it is in a bank account must be gaining interest, so if you times that by the number paying the CSA it must add up to millions of pounds. The CSA insist in my case this is a computer error and is not happening.

I suggest all fathers paying CSA request shedules from when they started paying and check they are not being conned also.


  • John says:

    I would call this Fraud and Deception.

  • Tracey Imms says:

    Wow what a struggle for you. Totally undeserved and unjustified. You are 100% right in saying this "company" needs dismantling and recreating from scratch, in every single aspect. Someone on high needs to know what they are doing to us, it's tantamount to criminal activity. All the best to you and your son.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    I also got less money than what was promised in the payment schedule. Their excuse is that they forward the amount of money they receive from the NRP but I believe they kept the remaining amount of money…

  • graeme says:

    I fail to see it as a computer error. Computers do not make errors, only the people who input the data into them make the errors.

    Therefore, the CSA advisor (term used loosley) who inputed the data onto the computer in the first place, obviously pressed the wrong keys and made the error in the first place. My simple thought process.

    I hope that you are fighting this Ian. If so, good luck.


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Thats mor than likely, the darned theives!!!!

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    have you just realised that the CSA are theives, I pay the arseholes 236 pounds but my ex wife only gets 40. Why she doesnt just take 100-150 from me in the form of a cheque is beyond me. Stupidity is the name of the game. When will they learn? is the million dollar question.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Yep, very true Shaban but then 2+2=3!

  • Paul NoEgo says:

    They are a company and they need to be seen to make a profit, where do you think that profit is going to come from? YES YOU, WAKE UP!!

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