CSA makes it hard for fathers to live a normal life

August 1, 2012

The CSA are currently helping themselves to my wage on a weekly basis, leaving me with only £111.00 a week to live on, anything I earn above this amount they are taking. This week I earnt over £300.00 yet I still only cam out with £111.00, are the CSA not breaking the law by doing this? I have a partner with whom I have 2 children however she is not receiving any of this money even though she applied to the csa nearly 2 years ago.

We have been unable to live together as it would push both her and my 2 children into poverty. Currently I have £444.00 per month to live on this is to cover everything from living expenses and seeing my other child from a previous relationship. I don’t see one of the children as the ex is poisonous I still have a letter where she admitted she got pregnant on purpose to try and keep me in the relationship!!!!

I was only with her 8 months and still to this day 9 years down the line she still trys to cause trouble maily directed to my partner.

My partner paid her maintenance of £30-£40 per week for over a year back when csa payments were deducted from your benefits, she paid it in cash as a favour. However when the legislation changed the poisonous ex decided to lie and advise the csa she had never receievd a penny leaving me with lots of arrears.

The csa have used my current income to calculate how much i own even though I was at college and out of work at the time they state I owe the arrears. I’ve asked for a breakdown etc and all i got was a DEO. Even my employer apologises to me every week when they hand over my wage as they really don’t know what to do anymore I’m working for peanuts.

I live a nomadic lifestyle staying between my parents and friends as I cannot afford to have my own place. I really don’t know what to do anymore and in a way I’ve given up even trying to speak with the csa as they clearly don’t care and they are not going to do anything about my current situation I basically get told tough!!! The CSA is punishing fathers by not allowing them to live a reasonable life with new partners and children.

I want nothing more than to live with my partner and children but how can I do this without crippling them financially? Someone please help!


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  1. Cindie on August 1st, 2012 4:24 pm

    Hi, I understand exactly where you are coming from. It is like the NRP does not have a right to a life. I would suggest that you email your MP about all of this. He does look into in for you and sorts it out quicker than what the CSA do. The CSA speak down to you do not give you any answers about arrears. Also make sure that the CSA send you everything out in writing. Never ever accept telephone calls off of them. Because they will deny everything. But when it is in black and white they cannot deny it. Things do not happen over night but I am sure that it sounds to me like they got the figures wrong and the MP will look into it and get it sorted promptly. Good luck and hope this will help you.

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