CSA makes another mistake

July 20, 2010

Arrive at work this morning and find out the cleaver people at the CSA have issued a wage deduction order. They did the assesment on the 12-07-2010 and sent out the new figures plus a attachment order. Hmmm well so much for having agreements in place. As I have being paying every month for the last 2 months via standing order an agreed amount plus extra to cover any shortfalls.

If the UK Gov needs to do any budget cust why don’t they start with the CSA. Don’t get me wrong I am all for paying. To send a wage attachment order when I have not missed a payment and have pro activly gone out of my way to make payment and have gone out of my way to chase them up. Something very wrong with this picture.


  • Jamie Smith says:

    utter bollocks

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