CSA make up their own rules

March 27, 2012

My name is Garry i have a absent son he is 9 or 10 im not too sure could someone out there tell me. Is it 10% you pay when I have a child to my present wife for my absent child. Or do the CSA Make up their own rules as they go along.

As i am being ripped of. My thinking was that things would get easier but they have went the oppisite way. I am now unemployed and i get nothing but harresed from them for money and i am not claiming benifits. They have also done an avreage calculation on 3 pay slips to make up a calculation of payment when all of them were sent.

When you question them they claim they have not recvd them when myself and a MP Have sent this evidence. Also does any body have a problem when they get an MP involved have they made things worse for you or better.

All of this is driving me insane.


  • Lee says:

    You should get your MP involved, I did and I get a things sorted (albeit for my ex to cause problems again), but I even got £25 compensation (for what it’s worth).

    Plus it also get the MP’s attention on how poor the CSA is, how nasty they are and how just damn useless they are! This way, the more MP’s that are involved the more likely things are to changed or even better the CSA dismantled completely.

    By the way, on the basis you have the one child, do not have over-night stays, it is 15% of your nett income. If you are unemployed then they should make special arrangements until you are back in employment, but you will have to pay £5 per week from your job seekers (or so I am informed). I do know that if you have a child with your current partner/wife then the amount you pay is reduced, but I think it is only a couple of percent and not by 5%.

    Keep the pressure up on the CSA and use your MP as much as you can to help you get a fair solution

  • Brett says:

    Hi Garry. I’m no expert on CSA rules/regulations, but I understand that if your child was born before 3/3/2003, you come under the old system. Im under this system and its very complicated to understand. Speaking from experience the NRP certainly pays more than 15% for one child. Im sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong. The CSA stinks !

  • elaine says:

    Hi Gary, to be honest it doesn’t matter what the rules say about how much you should pay because the CSA ignore their own rules and do what they want anyway. My partner has been ripped off by them for years paying £42,000 so far. He had to sell his home because they said he was in arrears and when he paid the so called arrears they said he had more arrears as they miscalculated. He has now quit his job because they were taking about 70% of his salary and said his outgoings were not considered so couldn’t pay rent or utility bills etc. They are a bunch of lying thieving bAndits and I urge everyone to involve their MP as we are now about to do. My partner has no problem paying for his daughter but he doesn’t even get to see her as the mother won’t let him. On receiving the money from the CSA she took her fella on holiday to the carabian and left the daughter at home. However my partner keeps at themevery day. Calls them every week and send emails daily as he will not give up until they fall. I’m proud of my fella. He’s a good one and the CSA will not beat him cos we will fight them together. Keep at them Gary but keep every piece of correspondance from them and speak to your MP…

  • Carol says:

    YOu have to pay 15% of your net wage for your child. If you have children living in your house with you you can keep 10% of that. How crazy is that really that you have to pay more for a child that doesn’t live with you?

    They make up their own rules and never tell you how they came to a decision until yuo get an MP involved and then it takes forever.

    Get your MP involved although I often wonder what good they are aswell. THe only thing a complaint if fast tracked through to a case worker but still takes forever to deal with.

  • Carol says:

    Elaine – have you got a copy of your file to check the arrears? We had to do that. It costs £10 to get a copy of your file from DPU Unit. CSA were trying to say my partner owed £39,500 for one child! After arguing 1st round we got it reduced by £8,000.

    Got file and it turns out they kept an assessmnet in place for 133weeks at £97.84 per week when my partner was unemployed and another assessment they decided to say he was working for 124 weeks and should have paid maintenance at £101.07 per week. He only worked for 24 weeks which the CSA have had confirmed.

    Think a bit of number crunching or whatever going on but in my view the CSA are just bullies and thieves causing untold misery

  • sophia says:

    my partner had a similar problem, we ended up demanding to spk to a manager and arguing that altho his wages went down his payments went up.. it was a long process lots of explain and argueing we also have 3 children in our house so could not afford wat they were saying it totaled 300 pound more on arrears than we had initially been told, after 20 mins the manager realised that the previous calculation was based on a higher weekly earning with a lower week csa payment than the new calculation that was based on less weekly income but apparently more to pay them.. he backed down realised it was wrong and reassesed the claim gave us his personal emaail address to send wage slips to… n then the next day they phoned to say had recieved posted ones too.. what a convenince. by this point so long had past they had deducted it from earnings not that that bothers us we just want the payments out n to get on with our lifes. a good thing to use tho is the csa calculator… type it in google and it should be near the top

  • Emma says:

    Garry, perhaps less time spent ranting about the CSA on public forums and more time spent on finding a job and supporting your wife and child and your ‘absent child’ would be more beneficial.

    At least be honest about what you are actually moaning about! its not the CSA and their processes (although admittedly they need improving) its the fact that you do not want to support the ‘absent child’. Just because you decided to walk away and not be part of the childs life does not mean you are in any way less responsible.

    Regardless of your feelings about the CSA – surely your priority in this should be the well being and upbringing of the ‘absent child’

  • anon says:

    you know what you all bring these children into this world and then expect everyone to pay for them.
    Grow a pair and if you don’t want children keep it in your trousers.
    Stop winging you don’t even know how old your own child is you should be ashamed of yourseves.

  • martin says:

    Emma what the hell do you know about Gary you don’t know what his case is about do you actually personally know him, the CSA are an admin nightmare a can’t believe how many fathers have committed suicide because of the CSA cock-ups it’s a disgrace that an organisation can amount these debts to cause so much stress within a persons life absolutely shocking.

    To add to this I had CSA chasing after me while I was paying the resident parent money every month, I had my son 3 nights and 4 days a week bought him everything he needed clothes food the works and even sent fresh stuff to the resident, I then find a new partner and all of a sudden I’m not allowed to see my son which was clarified by a text saying talk to my lawyer. Funnily enough the CSA follows soon after and tries to arrest my wages which I payed by direct debit instead to save hassel. I now only see him for 1 hour every week, it’s amazing how people act differently when money is involved.

    So all the people who stick up for the CSA ****ing ram it the whole set up it a sham the best thing about it it was designed by a woman, totally one sided operation who do not listen to individual cases which I think is totally wrong as it clearly favours money grabbers and hangers on. Fair play to the mothers who really do need the help but my god get rid of the **it system

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