CSA make up arrears for when I was out of work

October 10, 2010

Between 2000 and 2005 i worked 4 years full time and payed csa on time every month! then lost my job due to illness and was on benifts. At this time i was told by the job center i wouldnt be paying csa while on the benifts.

Now 2010 and i just got a letter saying i owe £3,000 from the time i was on benifts so i called csa and explained that the job center told me i wouldnt need to pay csa. there reply was that i should have contacted csa and explained i was on benifts myself and that its my fault for not doing so

Now i was never told by the job center that i needed to tell the csa i was out of work myself i thought it was taken care of by the job center when they told me i wouldnt be paying csa plus this court letter i have is the 1st i have heared from csa since i lost my job..

The worst thing is due to my illness i am still unable to work and have been finding it hard enuff to live on benifts and now need to magic up £3000 witch i just cannot do

How can csa do this because the sum off £3000 is worked out from my wages and if i can prove i wasnt working so not earning that wage how can they justify forcing me to pay it when i can prove i was on benifts?


  • Stephen Webster says:

    Tbh mate you shouldnt have left it to someone else, bec you cant trust anyone when it comes to ur money sorry

  • Phil Lee says:

    Stephen, your reply doesn't help much does it? Another vulnerable person finds themselves ina state and the only piece of advice you give is "it's your money- sorry" sounds lik a typical response from someone at the csa, If you can't offer help or practical advice then the very least you can do is to consider how your words may be interprepted by someone calling for help. The CSA have a responsibility for getting money in so you may be in a position where they may be a case for them to answer – they should have been actively pursuing you anyway during the time – how did you slip through their net??? I'd be checking that first and certainly taking legal advice which you may be entitled to – start with the Citizens advice – sadly many people have found themselves in a similar position and the CSA can't be trusted with advice either… so have whatever they tell you confirmed by several people..! the CSA are inept and ruin lives. You have my sympathy and I wish you well.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Contact your MP and insist he sends your case to the Ombudsman.

  • Stephen Webster says:

    Phil you dont know me you dont know what im going through or what i have put with when it comes to csa.Your the one interpreted my words and took one part of it out!!!All i was pointing out is why leave it to someone that doesnt communicate with the cas unless the csa ask them? at the end of the day dont leave it to other people esp when it comes to csa or job centre there all crooks and run my idiots, the job centre are right that you dont pay anything when on jsa but there not messengers.I do feel for the guy above and dont wish anything bad for any farther that has to deal with the cas.

  • Stephen Webster says:

    also ask for the job centre for a conformation letter explain when you started your benefits

  • Brokenfather says:

    Well they havent made up any arrears, they exist. It was your responsibility to notify the CSA of your change of circumstances, not the Job Centres.

    I do sympathise though, and the system is grossly unfair. If you omit to advise them of a pay rise the CM liability is backdated. If you omit to advise them of a pay decrease it is not backdated. Talk about having your cake and eating it …….

  • Phil Lee says:

    I'm of the view that if ALL the dads who've been crapped on by this inept org. got their heads together we could drag this sorry arsed organisation down the tubes . . without breaking any laws. Stephen- anyone who suffers at the hands of the CSA has my vote and that includes you – apologies if you were offended – just those three letters c.s.a. make my blood boil… grrr

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    Ask 4 a change of circumstance assessment – advise CSA to contact the tax office/benefit agency 2 confirm ur financial situation. Ur contribution will b £5 per week (not sure if it increases if u have more than 1 child

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    Contact your local MP for help. Also the job centre for a letter. You should be ok on this one, beleive me you dont have to pay the £3000, even if they take you to court, they themselves will be embarassed, no judge is stupid enough to oblige you to pay whilst on benefits, CSA can try to be bullies but Judges are not bullies. They are there for a reason so let them decide. Remember CSA are not above the law.

  • Richard Murray says:

    Dont respond to the letter , go to court and insist on a hearing , they will try to cancel on the day , put your case across and this will be on record Good luck !!

  • graeme says:

    This is just another typical example of the greedy, money grabbing, soul destroying thieves who work for a an inept, corrupt and shambolic agency, who doesnt care about anybody as long as they get the money.

    The law needs changed and changed now. The agency needs scrapped now and the court system and the inland revenue need to take over.

    Do something now Dave Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ian Duncan Smith.

    Time to step up to the mark and be counted. The busk stops with you guys.

  • Busylizzy says:

    Is that right becouse as a PWC my 2005 CSA letters state, quote “If we change the amount of your child maintenance and you or your partner are getting Income Support or income-based Jobseeker” Allowance, we will tell the Jobcentre Plus office dealing with that benifit about the change.”Unquote. So now I”m confused or is it one rule for the PWC and another for the NRP once again?.

  • graeme says:

    Hi Busy lizzy

    Yep sounds about right one rule for them and one rule for us and one rule for everybody else.. !!!!!

    And nobody knows the rules !!!!!


  • Busylizzy says:

    Thanks Graeme Once again I find myself lost for words…….except to say REPEAT REPEAT it beggers believe the whole system SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • lyn says:

    Believe me yes they can do this and demand this fabricated figure.

    This is what happened to my partner. He left his job in 2005 to move to another job. However his employer in 2005 sent his resignation letter to the CSA and they informed them that he had moved.

    Guess what we have a bill of £36,000 and nobody gives a shit and cant help us.

    Today we received a letter in the post (oh by the way the letter was sent to an address my partner lived in over 7 years ago) the new ownder called him to say there was post for him. We were shocked as it gave my partner 7 days to pay the £36,000 or else they were coming after him. We have evidence that the letter is on the file but nobody cares.

    Our Solicitor is also not getting anywhere. They are scum bags and have destroyed our lives.

    It is more upsetting as my the Mother has a Son (previous relationship) who is serving time in Prison for stabbing a man. I bet you he is not being treated like a criminal and all the latest mod cons.

    Words cannot describe them and if you case worker is the same as ours then you are in trouble as she is probably a lonely old spinster, man hater, bitter and twisted as her manner was disgusting.

  • Average Joe says:

    I had to pay 47 pounds a week when I was on JSA, didn’t get that back from the CSA but I sure got it back from the state. I didn’t inform them specifically at the time because of the advice given to me by a CSA worker. I could of pushed it but I don’t need the stress, just made sure I got the money in other ways!

    I’m not letting them screw me up or over for that matter!!!

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    Richard is right, when you mention court they will not take it to court. Besides did you know that the CSA also fall under the umbrella of the DWP, so they can easily cross reference records and check that you were on benefits. So no problem. Don't worry. just chill. The judge will not go against you.

  • A38 says:

    Busylizzie – the quote you are referring to is because you must have been on benefits and back then and maintenance you received over £20pw was deducted from your benefit, so not one rule for PWC and one for NRP at all. the acency is not corrupt but i agree the old rules system is misleading and not straight forward. the new rules system is much fairer..when all is said and done if the non-resident parents actually paid for their kids there wouldn’t be a problem

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