CSA make mistakes and expect us to pay for them

July 4, 2016

My husband is paying child support for his children to two ex wives. Reassessed recently and now they’ve found arrears from 2008 they say he owes. The thing is they calculated these arrears in 2012 incorrectly, we requested this to be fixed, they then told us total arrears are 600 but they suspended until ex wife requests them. Now they are saying they made a mistake it’s shot up to 4000, if they made the mistake, and failed to correct it within almost 3 years, surely they cant enforce recovery of this new figure they’ve pulled from a hat. This is now the 4th different amount they’ve told us he owes over the last 4 years, where does it end.


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  1. John on July 5th, 2016 10:33 am

    I’m not sure if there are any time scales for CSA enforcement of arrears, the CSA usually make it up as they go along.

    Make an appointment to see your M.P. and take all the necessary paperwork with you. Tell your M.P. about the embarrassment and stress that the CSA have caused you, and that you have become alarmed and distressed because of their actions, which is tantamount to harassment.

    Ask that your M.P. supports your case as a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans office, on the basis of prolonged and continued maladministration.

    Inform your M.P. that the system is not fit for purpose and is shambolic, and also ask why the government is interfering in a personal matter that should be sorted amongst yourselves, and has nothing to do with pen pushing, grade 1 amateur clerks who are incompetent and clueless!

    Good luck!

  2. Calvin C0507 on July 5th, 2016 1:02 pm

    We need a cohesive movement – I am suffering like many in the same way as your husband. I have today taken the first step of contacting my local MP.

    I wonder if it is actually better if the amount calculated seems wrong as in my case to not pay and go to court as they don’t seem to process mistakes the other way.

    I will start to try and think about the best way for anyone to support a cohesive movement – I feel like crowdfunding a major solicitors might be a good idea. I certainly would find 20 quid for that.

  3. John on July 10th, 2016 10:05 am

    The CSA has been set out to be a ‘ closed shop of compliancy ‘. Politicians,stakeholders,executives and employees don’t care how many lives they adversely impact upon.
    Even seeing an M.P. may not be enough to have a case investigated properly, because M.P’s themselves are part of the problem and some are duplicitous in what they say and actually do. The whole ethos of the law and system surrounding this ‘family’ issue is flawed. It is wholly punitive and devicive, in treating decent, honest people appallingly the government is creating an unhealthy society.
    Unfortunately, because of the number of social problems on the agenda at the moment, the CSA issue will once again be set aside, and those involved in the system will continue to suffer. A wholly unsatisfactory situation where issues will not be resolved any time soon.

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