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CSA made up fraudulant details about me

I am married with 3 children and earn 296 per week after tax, well i did untill my ex contacted the csa about my other daughter, i see and support her regulary. The CSA decided that i need to pay 90 per week to support one child. but sod my other 3 at home, they dont count. The only way i can make sure all my kids are clothed and fed is to split up from my wife and let her do a claim against me! But that will be wrong according to the csa. I have NEVER contracted with them, they have made up lots of lies about my income and etc. They guessed that i have only 2 children.

This was all done by VERTEX. the spotty teenagers that are subcontracted by the CSA to access all our most personal of data. My work caved in and authorised a DEO. i asked them to get proof of paternity, according to the statute laws, the csa must abide. They told my work that it was up to me and to make the deductions.

So they did, im screwed financially and will be better off single or unemployed. What a shitty government we have.

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  1. The same was done to my partner, my advice fight them, ask for break downs, complain about how you are treated and get your mp and ice involved, never talk with them on the phone, diverse with them in recorded letters and emails only. We did all this and the bastards are making sure they get everything correct on my partners file from the time it was opened from now on. They have no right making up their own figures and assumptions with regards to your income and family life. Good luck

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