CSA made up arrears then demanded I pay them

May 10, 2012

Earlier this year I agreed with the CSA to pay £20 per month, I know this isn’t much but I’m not earning a lot at the moment. I had £20 each month leave my account on the 3rd, then in May I had £282.62. When I called them the lady didn’t have a clue what was going on she passed me to a case worker who could tell me.

After being on the phone to him for around 30 mins and after he went back and forward to his supervisor he came back and said the case had been looked at in January and I now owe over £1000 which is to be paid back over the next 4 month instead £20 each month it would be £34 each week.

They had my details my income or address hasn’t changed but somehow they thought my address changed in January (when my ex contacted them) He said they sent out letters to my new address 39 Wren St..this address doesn’t exist and it sounds like an attempt by my ex to give them my girlfriends address (Wren Road) Why would they make these changes without actually checking with me if that was my address?

He also said they left a message on my mobile phone, when I asked what number he told me a mobile number that I’ve never had. They know my income and that I could only afford £20 a month so I don’t understand how they think now I can do £290.


  • sean collier says:

    Although I am paying Csa and back pay . I was summond to birmhimgham magistrates courts along with about 10 other blokes.they had to get a judgement against me. I really don’t know why.there is about a 3000 difference from the back pay they say I owe.so I got all proof ie paper work wage slips p60s old p45s etc. Useing there guide to calcalate the amount of backpay I owe.I found several errors on there part.but the judge and the c.s.a. totally ignored all of my evidence even though it is 100% right.wat chance have u got . I have bin told to take the c.s.a. to court.. has anyone done this if so what was the outcome.any advice gratefully recieved thank you.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    DO NOT deal with the CSA on the telephone whatsoever.
    You never get to speak to the same person twice.
    Each person tells you something different.

    Only deal by post.
    Reply to all letters.
    Keep copies of letters received and sent in date order.
    Any problems go to your MP and or make an official complaint.
    You now have proof.

  • Eugene Tracey says:

    Same thing has happened to me. CSA have concocted a figure and then got a Liability Order against me. They were threatening bailiffs and have paid some of what they allege I owe as not willing to put myself or my partner through any more more stress. I have met with my MP today and was not impressed with him at all. He admitted CSA was failing but didnt reailly comprehend how corruptly they are operating – might have something to do with him being distracted by the Leveson enquiry!!?? What I would like is for people who have fought the CSA to say how they have done it. It seems a lot of us are trying to reinvent the wheel, when there seemingly are people who have challenged them and won. Can those who have done well, explain how they did it?? I have noted the comments on not dealing with them by phone, but they have been ringing me constantly/harassing me, I have actually told them that I dont want to deal with them over the phone, but they persist. Something needs to be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Brett says:

    Eugene, I had the exact same grief as you 4 years ago and lack of interest from my MP. I paid off the ficticious arrears of over £11,000 last year, (had the threats of baliffs and a liability order), before retiring and eventually getting my payments down. I’m on a pension and started a part time job,silly me, last month which pays just over £9,000 a year GROSS. I sent a recorded letter to the CSA informing them and surprise surprise it took them less than a week to contact me and say how much they would be taking. First words the woman said to me was that she had some bad news. Initially they hadn’t married up my pension with my new job and also calculated it on me working straight away after retiring, hence back payment.i pointed this out to her. However they’re still taking £250 a month NET on top of what they’re taking from my pension. After tax and Nat Insurance, I’ll be on about £3.50 an hour.This is for one child and for a woman who has sponged off the state and me all her life. I’m on the “old” system where people seem to get stitched up even more.
    As for not speaking to the CSA on the phone in principle I agree. However if you refuse don’t they put you in the non compliant bracket and give you even more hell ?Also If I hadn’t spoken to the woman on the phone the other day I would have being paying even more as she hadn’t taken into account tax/nat ins and when they send the forms through of how they made the calculation its not too easy to understand and I feel most people would feel they have no option but to pay.
    Sadly I’ll have to give the job up. Just not worth it.

  • colin says:

    I too am on the old rules. Some.folks think they are hard done by…. Believe me guys the old rules are barbaric. If there is one bit of advice to be followed from this site, it is the never deal by telephone. In 2005 I called to.inform them of a change of job and provided new wage slips etc. The amount never changed which I thought was bizarre as o had taken a 9k wage drop. When queried o was told the calculation was correct and I would have to.pay… I couldn’t afford it and fell into substantial arrears…. In 2010 I discovered the CSA hadn’t changed my assessment and had still been calculating on my old wage details…. When I asked for the arrears to be recalculated I was told it was my responsibility to ensure I provided up to date income details and they could not adjust the arrears due… No matter what I say or do they won’t budge. They insist I didn’t inform them… Now come on why would I not inform them of a 9k wage cut? … Anyway… As a result I’m now laying 40 per cent of my wage…. 750 pounds a month which they say is the maximum that can take bit is not enough and will be seeking other means of recovery.

  • chall says:


    “people who have challenged them and won” have done so because they or whoever they have taken advice from, are familiar with Child Support law, legislation and agency guidelines.

    Often people who ‘require’ advice give little actual information pertaining to their case on which accurate advice can be given, over look replying to questions that may give somebody in the know half a chance of assisting them and/or tend to get sidetracked with either slating ex’s, bemoaning Human Rights being breached, feeling sorry for themselves and/or tarring others – none of which serves any purpose when dealing with CSA / CMEC and getting possible maladministration / errors corrected.

    A few of us generously give up our own precious spare time freely to help others. It’s difficult trying to distinguish from a few lines on the inter net who genuinely needs advice to assist with their case as opposed to those just feeling badly done to OR those simply looking for an argument – which spoils it for others having issues, as those giving advice rather than self opinionated reasoning can’t be bothered with the hassle.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Brett says:

    Hi Chall… Are you an independant CSA advisor ? Can you recommend anyone I can seek advice from ? I’m not famililar with CSA law. Its very complicated to understand, not to mention the fact that the CSA make up their own rules anyway. Could this be the reason why solicitors shy away from dealing with CSA matters ?
    Yes it can be very difficult to give advice on the information given on some of the stories on this site, most people are in a desperate situation, hence they need to see a qualified CSA advisor on a one to one basis. Most people who write a story on here are quite rightly very angry and in total dispair, thats why their writing things that won’t assist their case.

    I saw two independant CSA advisors which cost me a fortune, in different parts of the country, who apparantly know CSA law.
    Both said the CSA had power to reassess and then back date arrears.
    I’d never missed a payment since the child was born in 1999 and was paying a substantial sum each month. I’m on the OLD SYSTEM which is even more corrupt than the new system brought in on 3/3/2003. I then got stitched up with back payment of over £11,000 and the threat of baliffs and court.
    I’ve got every right to come on here and have a rant and rave.
    I suggest you dip sample stories if your time is so precious. I spent years trying to fight this vile organisation and got nowhere. After youve read the first sentence or two, it will be quite clear if its someone you can give advice to.

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