CSA made mistakes for two years and now I am paying for it

December 14, 2012

I have been payig child support for the past 7 years wthout missing a payment and always providing the csa with anything they need when asked. At the begining of 2011 i sent 7 of the 8 payslips they required to calculate my ayments. I phoned the csa to tell hem i was missing one at which they replied by saying they would go to my empoyer for the missng one which was fine.I carried on paying monthly and was then contacted at the begining of this year by the csa asking for that missing payslip, i explaned about what was said the previous year and once again got a letter explaning my payment which are £192 a month for ny son.

At the begining of this month i received a letter saying as from 01/02/2011 i should have been paying £64 a week o i have arrears of nearly 2k. I called the csa and asked what was going on and how has this happened, all she did was apologise and then tell me i would have to pay £371 a month which is an extra £92 a month ontop of the new amount. i said i could not afford to pay that much as i have a mortgage and other bills to pay aswell s day to day living, she was uaninterested nd said that was the minimum they could except on advise from her manager. I now have anothr letter with my payment plan and the arrears start coming out of my account in January.

I was tol there was no negotiable ammount below the £92. I dont know how they come up with the new amount plus it is not my fault with the arrears. I cant afford to pay that ammount which is double what i am paying at the moment but am worried about what wil happen if i dont pay the amount they are telling me to pay.

I think it is digusting that they can mess up for 2 years then expect me to take it on the chin. What makes it worse is the money doesnt go on my son, it goes on her habbits, unfortunately due to my working hours i cant go for full custody, She doesnt work and never has but the csa are more than happy to give more than a weeks wage to her each month whilst i will be struggling to make ends meet. Could do overtime but then you get penalised for that.

Any sort of advise would be welcome,i am very worried.


  • stuart says:

    complain in writing stating agency maladministration is the cause of the arrears, keep every copy of everything. contact your MP, do not take no for an answer. drive them mad by complaining daily untill they accept the position you are in and negotiate a fair way to address the arrears. if you phone them keep a diary and ask that all calls are recorded before speaking to them, obtain your data files from them, costs a tenner but will show what has happened as it takes about 2 years for them to evidence anything, also ask for a full breakdown of your account.

    Good luck and do not let the bastards grind you down.

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