CSA made a judgement on my case without my knowledge

April 3, 2012

The CSA made a judgement on my case without my knowledge, i had not informed them of a change of sdress, and never received the letter they sent. this led to me being in arrears to them in the amount of around 13000 pounds.

They then went to court for an arrestment order, and now take up to 40% of my earnings, leaving me with 550 pounds a month to live on. given that the least i can rent a flat for is 320, and council tax adds about another 100, that leaves me with around 30 a week for fuel, food and general living costs. I have contacted them several times looking to have the amount i repay reduced, and they have refused every time.

I am now homeless, living from week to week off the charity of friends, ~I cannot afford to rent, i dont think i can make myself unemployed either, so what am i supposed to do?


  • Ian Brown says:

    I informed them of my change of address and they still could n`t update my details this department are a law unto themselves. think its now another way for this government to raise money

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