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CSA ‘lost’ the arrears I paid and demand I pay them again!

2 weeks ago my deo was stopped when my 19 nearly 20 year old daughters child benefit stopped , ive payed since we split up even arrears which I owed and had letter march last year stating this, today csa rung me and said that I owe £4500 arrears which is about the same I paid back a couple of years ago, they have told me I can not appeal against this, its up to my ex partner if she wants this money which she has already had , seems to me like the arrears that I have paid back has been lost in the csa system , ust carnt belive it…….

3 thoughts on “CSA ‘lost’ the arrears I paid and demand I pay them again!

  1. Yes you can appeal against anything, I hope you paid by bank transfer not cash. You can request the statement from the bank and slabs it on there faces

  2. Hello Fordster

    You can certainly challenge the CSA on any alleged arrears matter especially if they cannot prove how you owe it. It is a travesty how the Agency tries and often do circumvent our basic and human rights.

    This is something which must be investigated and challenged but it will take a great deal of effort and study on your part. Don’t do it on your own unless you have time energy and a bulldog determination. This is the sort of thiing I do daily so if you want my help, please drop me a line at [email protected] and we can discuss it further.

    Kind regards

  3. thank you David for your reply , I’m waiting for the csa to send me a breakdown of what I have paid , I’m sure I will need your help.
    kind regards

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