CSA listens to ex’s lies

October 20, 2014

My daughter attended 4/5 colleges for a couple of weeks when she turned 16 she was chucked out because she never attended but my ex wife and daughter were claiming she attended.

I have social service reports to say she was no longer in education every time i phoned csa they tell you while family allowance is still being payed they can t do anything.

I reported this as fraud 6 times even my mother also did still i paid csa until last sept when she reached 18 csa are now telling me i missed 1 months payment and they want £175 from me or there taking me to court.

They owe me 2yrs worth but nobody listens.


  • John Tydeman says:

    Hi, I always paid my ex the agreed amount of maintenance on time every month. Until she moved her boyfriend into the house which we still owned between us and they refused to pay me rent for my half. The only option I had was to cease paying her the maintenence because it was all I had to stand up for myself with. She consequently went to that band of pension grabbing public sector leaches known as the CSA, who now insist that I have to pay them,. I said fine, I’ll pay by standing order but was told that it had to be by direct debit or deducted from my wages at source. What I want to know, is can they dictate payment method, because I can see what will happen…..I will set up direct debit and they will then want to draw more money out than I have for ‘missed payments’ even though it was money which the bitch refused to pay me. Separated fathers are discriminated against to the highest degree by the CSA …..especially if they pay their dues and in doing so become easy targets.

  • Mr M says:

    Had same situation for 3 years, just finished paying and he is nearly 20!! …amd my beef is that if they where attending College, where are the qualifications they have achieved. Absolutly NO checking! scandalous. Keep your chin up fella, send them letters and keep up the pressure.

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