CSA like little Hitlers

April 29, 2008

My names Steve, I posted a comment a few days ago.

I live in france,as ive done for 3 years.i gave csa my address 3 years ago as a responsible parent.they have upped my payments to my ex times 3! even though its all I,my partener and my 15 month old daughter have to live on.a county council ill health pension.the csa take the money direct from my pension which they have done since 2003 but suddenly uped it april without my knowing, admitting they wrote to my old address! can you believe it.Ive rung them i dont know how many times,speaking to different people promising to call my back with a caseworker but they never do.

I had 2 heart attacks in nov last year,trying to recover but the stress levels there causing me is untrue.the more this goes on,the more debt we get into.can anyone help.I cant be in debt because ive never missed a payment.I seem to be banging my head againsed a brick wall. thankyou. steve


  • steve says:

    its time for direct action NOW !

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