CSA lies and errors causing us problems

June 17, 2012

Hi im hoping you can help as we are so desperate for some help.

My partner has had an ongoing major problem with the csa and the problems they cause and the errors they have made.

Firstly they where only charging him for one child when he has two he had written a letter informong them that the second child had been born we have proof of this then they realised they hadnt added second child so added the other child as well as the arrears that had mounted due to this child not being added .

Their payment amounts didnt tally up so they left it for a while then whacked a big bill our way again for their mistake.

My partner requested the file of every single letter and corespondence they had sent and he had sent and there is a catalogue of errors like having him living in cornwall when he has never lived there.

A few months ago they threatened him with bailiffs if he didnt pay £7000 immediatly he had to borrow this then a few weeks later they sent another letter for a further £2000 it has gone beyond a joke now.

They have lied and said that they havent been able to contact him at all but we have proof that they have recieved communication from us my partner has told them that there is no point calling him as he is at work and dosnt hear his phone so they need to write to him every letter we send they NEVER reply to the only time they will respond is to send us a whacking great bill.

We even in desperation went to manchester last month ( may ) to see a man who deals with this kind of thing and even he was shocked he advised us to get a break down of what they say should be paid so that we can see where they get their figures from.

my partner has written twice to them requesting this info and still they send nothing.

My partner has made paymnts to them and it was not so long ago that he was paying his ex each month for the two children but she got greedy and wanted more but we couldnt afford more so she went back the csa and ever since they have been involved its been one nightmare.

the csa are a disgrace and they should be closed down surely there must be an easier way than this families, relationships and lives have been ruined by these A holes .

My partner dosnt see his chlidren this is the mothers choice not his and all he has ever asked the csa is :

What are the payments each week and when do they need to be paid but they wont give him a sraight answer .


  • chall says:


    Is the mother of the first child, also mother to the second?

    Did the agency initially make an actual calculation for liability or a default decision due to not having enough info?

    Have the CSA gained a Liability order for the arrears?

    When your OH was making direct payments to his ex, were the CSA made aware of this at the time and what payment method did your OH use.

    You need to establish if the arrears are correct and should apply for a complete account breakdown from the agency.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • John says:

    You must see your M.P. with as much info as you have!

  • Carol says:

    It is hard to get the info that you require from the CSA. It took us 10 months to get a statement breakdown. Total shambles.

    I agree to get your MP involved. Don’t go anywhere just now which will cost you money, like solicitors. We got our MP involved and it was a gateway to getting to the stage we are at now. Once they are involved you will deal with one person and have a direct number to speak with them.

    Have you tried approaching NACSA for help? They charge a small monthly fee and can guide you through what you have to do.

  • phoebe burgess says:

    Hi Chall
    Yes his two kids are from the same mother
    The csa was aware of the arrangement for my OH to pay his ex as he informed them straight away and he was paying each month by BACS he has all the proof on his computer.
    It was after she wanted more and we couldnt afford it that she went to csa said it wasnt working and thats when it all went wrong as up until this time we had no problems.
    We have constantly applied for a break down 3 times in fact but still they send nothing.
    Thankyou all else who have commented its very much appreciated

  • phoebe burgess says:

    They had all the info they needed to prove that there was another child but failed to add them they even admit it in one of their letters that we have .
    we had to pay £10 just to get ALL the info on the case that belonged to us under the freedom of information act.
    There hasnt to date been a liability order in force but just the threat is enough as we carnt take the chance of that happening thats why we had to find the £7000 the worry of it causes so much tension

  • jay. says:

    You need to write another letter demanding the breakdown you requested and put in that they must supply this with accordance to the freedom of information act, give them a deadline to contact you back…..csa give 14 days, so do the same. You need to see your mp asap with all the info you have. Also might be worth getting your data file, which cost 10.00. Good luck.

  • Cheryl says:

    The cs a have sent a letter today requesting £4000 from a case they closed in 2007! Are they allowed to do this?

  • Sally says:

    Have a look at this everyone…. someone is tying to fight back….


  • sean says:

    after 5 years of been on kidney dialyses and then reciving a transplant i managed to get a job, i started march 2011, i informed the csa of this and so did my x wife ,i started paying for my 2 kids at £253 a month from my small wage in march this year as they take so long to sort things out, in the meen time you are building up debt, then on may this year with out any notifecation the put order on my wages, they have been taking £450 a month of me, i have tryed to phone them with no help wat so ever, i cant go on like this much longer they are crusifying me and my partner, my x has at least £70,000 coming in a year and my kids go to privite school, i havent seen my children in 5 years as i cant afford to travel down south,,she has also changed me childrens second name, the courts and csa are a complete joke,just as well you cant go in to see the csa in person, dont think many would work there long, scum of the highest order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • terry says:

    Can someone help me please I’m having nightmares with csa they been taking 355 pounds a month of me I have 1 child who I see every week now they are trying to take money of my partner cos we live together can they do this I really need help

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