CSA, Liers, crooks and cannot add up!

December 13, 2011

I have been having an ongoing problem for over 7 years where the CSA where they keep insisting I owe arrears for child maintenance. I will not go in to the complete history but will go to April of this year 2011 where things went to court.

I was accused in 1 letter of owing £36,000 in another letter the following week accused of owing £14,000 and when in court the figure changed to £24,000!!!

The CSA had supplied me with a break down of the missing funds. In court I produced evidence (pay statements etc) to show these sums had been paid and that no back payments were due. The court adjourned the case for a month and recommend I speak to the CSA representative present in court. I did this immediately after the hearing and produced the evidence. The CSA rep was astounded that such a gross mistake had been made and went immediately back to the magistrates and had the following hearing cancelled.

At the time my son was 18, hence I was not even paying CSA support. The CSA representative also told me that she would cancel the claim and the case was closed.

I heard nothing more from the CSA and was relived things had finally been sorted – or so I thought. In Nov 2011 I suddenly receive a letter from the CSA that they are taking me to court for an enforcement order to cover arrears of £26,000!!!!! The next week another letter saying they had recalculated it to £24,000 The week after this another letter saying that they had reassessed my case and due to the fact my son is now 19 I am not liable to pay child maintenance. The next week I and my employer receive a letter that after recalculating the amount of child maintenance due as stated in the previous letter they are instructing my employer to pay £1,200 monthly from deductions of earnings with no end date!

The above is immoral, I am sure illegal (even though the CSA write their own laws). i spoke to the person dealing with the case from the CSA and stated that this will thrown out of court again as i have all the evidence to prove that no arrears exist, se stated ‘We do not care, the deductions of earnings will still continue’ – What sort of country are we living in for this to be allowed?

I am now stuck and not sure what to do

If any advice can be given it would be much appreciated

These idiots should not be allowed to get away with this Victorian approach to peoples lives.


  • Nikki Bell says:


    I have a similar issue and if you have all of the evidence to dispel the claims Contact your local MP and take everything you have to their next surgery… The CSA are extremely unwilling to listen to people they claim owe arrears, but as I have discovered recently seem to sit up & start doing their jobs properly once a person of influence gets involved..

    Also start asking them to contact you only in writing as its difficult for you to prove anything that happens in telephone conversations and I know how aggressive and intimidating they can be during phonecalls which only make the situation worse.

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