CSA lied about arrears but I caught them out

October 20, 2010

4 years of hell is finally over, in 2006 my husband got a phone call to say that we didn t respond to forms sent out,by the way which we never received,to pay for his daughter,who for the past 14yrs had been living in Italy with her mother. Despite the fact the mother knew where my husband was she filed for maintenance and up to this day as still not let my husband know where is daughter is,My husband took on my 3 children and is a wonderful law abiding citizen.

I have evidence that the csa lied about having contact with us and sending forms to our address, they even lied to my MP S secretary. I put in appeal based on they didn t take my 3 children into account and that the forms went elsewhere, the ex was able to send letters through the appeal system slagging myself and my husband off and telling outrageous lies about my husband, I have kept the letters which throughout contridicts herself.

In 2008 we contacted them to find out if she was going into further education, they then contacted us to say we were £400 pounds in arrears, which was nonsense as we had been paying by standing order, i had to request all bank statements back to 2006,the bank had actually made errors so we did owe about £200. At the end of august this year i contacted them numerious times to see if his daughter had finished college, they rang her she didn t answer, they wrote to her she didn t reply, finally after me badgering them they contacted child benefit goodness knows why that wasn t the first port of call, maintenance i was told on the 24th september had finished on the 2nd september however they would look at the case again to see if there was any arrears. Thankfully i kept a good eye on things so we don t owe a penny.

CSA is a liar and a sham and inflicts emotional pain on the innocent,funny how she wasn t quick to inform them that hte money had stopped, I HOPE 1 DAY JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL


  • Brokenfather says:

    This has to be fake.

    The CSA cant collect CM where the resident parent lives outside the UK.

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    they lie about everything, i hear something is being done about this organisation but i'm not quite sure what. The only way to win is fight back and dont give up.

  • Busylizzy says:

    Neither can they collect CM when a person is a habitual UK resident but works for a company whose accounts department is based overseas

  • Phil Lee says:

    Moaning does bugger all – do stuff!! start by insisting upon copies of everything, record their conversations (tell them you are recording the call first) complain at every opportunity only if they have done something wrong etc.. drag this lame organisation all over the place

  • Average Joe says:

    Having a liability to pay and discharging that liability are 2 different things….

  • Phil mathers says:

    Oct 2010 I am in the process of paying 4 years arrears off. I have bene told I have a month to do so as I have assetts. My ex partner is demonstrably a rogue and has charmed her way, ably aided and abetted by HM Gov, to having her mortgage paid off, Substantial sums from my son’s trust and now a huge payment from CSA.

    She owns 3 properties, has a 40,000 pounds a year job with company car. (How she can pick my son up from school at 3.30 and do her job is amystery? Fraud perhaps).

    She made her original application whilst we were still living together and I paid all the bills as well as giving her cash. I spent time with my son putting him to bed almost evety night and p[layed with him in the morning before goouing to work. I had him most of the week end and he followed me everywhere and has always favoure being with me. He is now 7 and I see hin less than 50% thanks to good old CAFCASS and the system.

    Her original application was not legal. How can I beat them as you have

  • Phil mathers says:

    I for got to add, Not only was her appliaction inappropriate but CSA have admitted in writing that they have been writing to the wrong Address for four years but that this makes no difference to a variation they have made on the original appliaction. As I stated there were not the grounds for the orioginal application anyway.

    I alo did not state that the vast sums of money that my ex has received have been primarily spent on her not my son.

  • Dan says:

    I wish i could sit back cushty whilst my mortgage was paid off by the ex like hers is.
    How does that benefit our kids, when she could sell it & cash in. The ex is always going off for weekends with her boyfriend yet always bleeting poverty. My child doesn’t go with them & stays with me. We can’t go anywhere because i have little left after payin her. My child is no better off in her care whether i pay or not because my child does not reap the benefits.

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