CSA letter shows up out the blue despite private arrangement

May 29, 2019

I have just received out of the blue a letter from the new CSA say that I owe £6668 . I can’t believe this as my son is 26 now I have a good relationship with him now . My ex is a really nasty person and years ago we agreed I pay her with cash o cheque for his maintance but I can’t prove this to the CSA as it’s her word against mine can the CSA go back well over 15 years for this payment I don’t owe think I’m in for a long legal battle..


  • Richard says:

    I sympathise completely. I had a similar letter in March, but they also advised that had given my bank account a court order to start taking money in two days time. Previous letters had gone to a wrong address apparently. Despite sending 6 years of bank statements showing I have been paying directly and in fact over paying, they are still enforcing it for no reason that they can give me. Tried escalating complaints but nobody gets back to me. Going to fight these idiots. Keep your chin up and don’t give up. You’re a dad not a cash point.

  • David Joseph says:


    I read your complaints on the site with some interest. You seem to have a little idea how the CMS/CSA works but fighting them without expert legal advice is suicidal. They will make your life hell. I have client’s whose health have been destroyed because they tried to take on the authority for many years on their own and lost. Don’t get into that trap.

    If the CMS alleged you owe money, they must provide empirical evidence. They may provide statements but do not rely on that. If you have always paid every assessment made, how can you suddenly, after 10, 15, 20 years later have substantial arrears? It is a farce, I tell you. You are what we call soft targets because you have paid faithfully in the past. They expect you to always pay on demand.

    They have extensive powers to make you pay. They can get a liability order against you without having to prove you owe anything. However, with our extensive experience, we can fight them on your behalf.

    I would be more that happy to represent/advice you on your matters.

    Please drop me a line if you need any assistance.


  • jonny says:

    Do not pay “David” any money for his services. He’s not a solicitor and has no legal training whatsoever. The only thing he specialises in is taking your money and spending it on himself.

  • David Joseph says:

    Whoever this jonny is, he is a liar. I have worked for quick a number of law firms and legally trained. I have no idea who this guy is.

  • David Joseph says:

    Whoever he is, when I find out, I will sue him for defamation.

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