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March 13, 2012

Convicted with out Trial

Approximately 15 years ago i split up with my partner,we had a great son who was two years old and healthy when we split. I left her due to her seeing other men and steeling money from me at home. I handed all the rights to the house over to her for my sons future and left on a very bad note. she stopped me from seeing my son while there where other men living in my old house.i called her one day and said if you stop me from seeing my son i will stop your maintenance. i stopped her maintenance for at least a year and a half while i was trying to gain parental responsibility responsibility because we where never married. I started to see my son again and pay her maintenance (in cash) once again. For the next few years, i found my self in and out of work in the construction industry.

I was renting one room in a shared house of bed sits paying £125 per week.

Two years ago the CSA contacted me with a £12,000 back dated claim from my ex that she instigated and not the CSA. she was the one who contacted them and said i had never paid her a penny since my sons birth.

I told the CSA that she was lying and i would like my son to come to court as a witness to prove i gave him money on a regular basis. sometimes i would give him £100 per week and extras and some times £50 per week and extras like holiday money and new football boots ETC.if i was out of work he wouldn’t get anything because i had nothing to give.

The CSA said a decision has been made! no matter what i do i have to pay and thats the law and my son will not be allowed to court as a witness because he is only 16? so no witnesses are allowed?
so i asked them if my son witnessed a murder would the court of the land let him attend as a witness? they just shrugged it off like i was a criminal.

I then said she is committing fraud by lying about a claim to the government so can you arrest her and question her before you ruin an innocent person. they said no we are going ahead with the claim.

The CSA then contacted me to advise me they had spoken to her and she changed her story. they said she has said all the money i gave my son was pocket money and not maintenance????? so i said again to the CSA, are you going to believe £100 per week is pocket money for a 10 year old child????? they said they are continuing the claim and shrugged it off making me feel like a criminal once again.

by this time i was at breaking point and on the verge of suicidal! i could not believe some corrupt government agency was stitching me up and letting a person commit fraud without any questions asked…… is this for real?

i refused to pay any supposed backdated moneys and carried on with my life trying to make ends meet and see my son on a regular basis.i carried on giving my son money as i had in the past when i had it.
i went to my bank account after i had just been paid £600 for a slow months work to pay my £500 rent money for the month.
some one had stole monies from my account! there was no money left in my account at all. i was charged for over drawn standing orders and bank charges and i was panicking that some one had stolen money from my account.

i was left with no rent money
no food money
no petrol money to get to work
i was charged £90 bank charges for standing orders which did not clear.
i could not go to work for two days
i had just given my son £250 for his holiday.
i called my 70 year old mother who lives a 100 miles away to lend me some money and deposit it into my bank account.

(this happened for three months)

i am a law o biding citizen who never even breaks the speed limit. i have been treated like a criminal by some one who has never even met me , not even a judge! so if they want to treat me like a criminal i will act like one. I have gone under ground so i cannot be detected by this corrupt government scam!

I cant pay taxes or NI because i will be traced which i have all ways paid!I have a bank account in some one else name. i feel like Ronie biggs which is not good.
so they have forced me into breaking the law.

i see my son at least 4 days a week and we are still very close. he wears £130 pairs of jeans, he has every gadget going,his bedroom is like NASA, he is an apprentice footballer at a professional league club which i funded.
He dines out in Nandos at least twice a week along with pizza express and walks around with costa coffee in his hands.
he is 17 and has had over £200 worth of driving lessons recently.he goes on at least two holidays a year which one is all ways a cruise.i give him more than most children would see in a life time.

p.s there is another man who lives in my house with my ex who has three children and pays no CSA maintenance to them.

People take there own lives over this organisation which is very concerning! the people who run the CSA should be held accountable for what is happening to innocent people. if they where to investigate matters properly in a professional manor these problems could be resolved.its about time a law firm started to proceed manslaughter charges to the government officials who allow this scam to effect peoples lives.

if a policeman or soldier caused death to a member of the public for improper practice, he or she would be bought in front of a judge and trialed.why are the CSA different?

one last thing! whats made me contact you is, i have just come off the telephone to my son! he has told me that the money they took from my bank account and left me borrowing of my mother was spent on there family holiday on an all inclusive cruise.

this is so corrupt

please can some one help????


  • bob says:

    Yup that’s about the top and tail of it. Its a pity that the csa aren’t accountable and what they say is true that the can overrule any court order.

    It’s a monster of hideous proportions. The staff are all hideous, moan about being on minimum wage… Just take a look at their website for their yearly wages!

  • chall says:


    A case with the CSA initially commences when the agency have made contact with the non resident parent either by post to a confident address, or telephone and NOT when the application was made.
    If you received absolutely no contact from the agency, but they still have an effective date for your case, you need to establish when and how they made contact. If contact was not made in the correct manner, your case could be cancelled.

    It maybe a good idea to apply for your Data Protection File, the agency charge £10 to supply this, but you should be able to establish the info you need from it.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Jadine butterworth says:

    My husband has been paying csa for 2 children from a previous marriage direct to his ex wife, we have 3 children together at home. We have been paying ‘arrears’ to the csa for over 2 years which has been leaving us living off tax credits as by the time rent is paid and all csa payments have been paid his wage is gone. We have recently found out that the csa have made a huge mistake by sending the arrears to his ex wife therefore she has been getting double what she should have been and the csa are investigating is while telling us that they will still be taking payment from his wage for arrears that are paid off because they want the money back that they sent to her, THEIR MISTAKE NOW WE ARE BEING MADE TO PAY FOR IT! As a mother myself i am having to sit and watch my 3 little boys who are 9 months, 2 years and 4 years old constantly go with out because of thhis and it is heartbreaking, i am watchin my husband crumble bit by bit with every problem with the csa, whike his ex wife is not even using the money to support the children she is making the 14 year old boy walk and hour to school and an hour back rather than give him £1.20 busfare, the 15 year old girl has a free buspass provided by social services and his ex wife openly admits to smoking £50 a week of cannabis where is the justice in this. Its wrong to do this i think every parent should have to pay for their children but it should not been spent on that by their other parent and shoukd not be fraudulent and should not be making other children suffer, and the csa wont even give a good reason why this mistake has been made

  • Carol says:

    The CSA are a hideous joke!! 2nd families are left in poverty to fund the lifestyle of the so called “single parent”. Most of them always have someone else living with them which is fair enough, their choice. 2nd families are treated in a disgusting way – me and my partner have 2 boys and we struggle aswell because of this inadequate agency.

    Unfortunately all the stories they are putting people through are what is being said all the time and no Court can overturn them, god knows why.

    I would query how you were made aware of the debt, what your earnings have been to make their assessments and ask for a statement breakdown. We did this by letter of complaint and after 9 months got part of the information we needed which shows their calculations are about £17,000 out!! NOw trying to get them to realise they are in the wrong is worse than getting the information in the first place so another round of complaints as they closed the 1st one.

  • Jadine butterworth says:

    We got an out of the blue letter through the post in 2009telling us that we owed just short of £5000 but to this day they cannot tell us how, we have had statements that is how we know it should have been paid have now sent off for written copies of all phones calls and transactions paid by phine and through DEO hopefully we might get somwhere ts side of christmas

  • Tina Godrich says:

    Reading all this I am dreading my sons assessment which has just come through post.Horror stories, surely they are abusing peoples Human Rights to have abit of a life?
    Would the European Courts not be able to help in these issues,as this and other governments are just not bothered nor are the courts of this country.

  • Jess says:

    Csa a law to them selves they have made me and my husband life a living hell.
    He not even allowed to see his daughter from another relationship. Yet they want him to pay £200 per week so my husband has now had to leave work and I had to go work as we could not afford to pay our bill or rent or feed our children.
    I am now in full time work and feel robbed of spending time with my own children.
    Csa do not care about the other children involved and we will never be able to make a proper go at life in till we no longer have to pay csa.
    Since we have reduced what we give her I am sent nasty messages saying I should pay for her even though she is not my child!!!! And to top it off she has changed my husband daughter’s surname to another man surname and will not let us see her. We have been to solicitors but could not keep up with the fees.
    So please someone how is this even fair??? She wants for nout yet my children have the basics. I never wanted this for my children and me and my husband cry over this all the time.
    Life is not worth living sometimes the csa have destroyed us and have made MY children suffer.

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