CSA left me worse off working

November 6, 2014

After nearly 16 years of trying to(and failing to) negotiate with the CSA for a fairer amount that I knew I could afford to maintain, I gave in!!

I’m 36 now, my Son to an ex will be 15 soon and I myself have grown up a lot over the years, I have a lovely girlfriend who I’ve been with for nearly 15 years now and we have 3 children together and a 4th on the way.

The CSA have made my 3 children suffer at their hands as their dad cant even afford to treat them to an ice cream when he got payed at the end of the week, (sad I know).

I was up until recently working for a new company on a zero hour contract but the CSA didn’t care about that sometimes I would earn significantly less one week than another and vice versa, I contacted them of my own free will and advised them I was now employed but on a zero hour contract. They refused to re-asses my case to take into account the difference in wages from one week to another and averaged my payments. WTF??

I was forced to leave this job due to not being able to pay my rent on time or at all, pay my bills, buy food or fuel my vehicle, I was expected to pay the same amount each week even though I may have only earned 85 pounds in that week. Shocking!! I was worse off working!!!

My biggest annoyance is the fact that when your working you pay income tax and national insurance that goes into a pot to pay out benefit claimants and the rest of it…

Why should I have to pay twice?

…I am now a benefit claimant and let me tell you its far easier on my girlfriend, kids and myself knowing that im only paying £5 per week to those jokers.

Im now at the point where most jobs I am interested in are over 30 miles away, low paid or temporary and I have to decide…is it worth working while the CSA hang around like a bad smell..

They need to evaluate each individuals circumstances differently and show they actually understand rather than the easy way… oh yeah…15% will do!!

Because lets face it 15% is still a lot.


  • Mags says:

    i know exactly how u feel, we are in the same position as u, my husband has got a daughter with his ex wife who had an affair, it was her choice to split the family, then we met got married and have 3 children, my husband is on a low wage, but the CSa insist that he pays £360 a month, I contacted u kip and they have worked out the my husband is paying the amount of 2 children, but he onlyhas 1, we have time and time again appealed against how much my husband is paying and it’s falling on deaf ears, I’ve also told them, that my family will suffer, and also bring us into poverty, guess what they don’t give a shit

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