CSA leaving me with little to no quality of life

December 7, 2011

I have been paying my regular CSA payments, without fail, by deduction of earnings through my employer. Last December just before Christmas, the almost doubled the money they were taking off me from around £180 per month to £315+ from a monthly wage of about £1000 gross, saying that there had been shortfalls in my payments and they were putting it up in order to reclaim this money.

Now my CSA deduction is shown on every wage slip I have from where I work and according to every single pay slip I have, the full agreed amount was taken from me, every month, without fail. I have been trying now for almost 12 months to get just a simple explanation from them and a break down in writing of where these short falls occurred and the amounts as I have paid every penny without fail according to all records I have, but they seem totally unable or unwilling to even provide me with this.

As such, I have no quality of life. I cannot afford anything other than my basic bills (barely), I am in so much debt through unpaid bills and loans I have built up in order to just get by and I definitely cannot afford to even by my children a Christmas present this year. It is seriously affecting my relationships at home and at work and its having a detrimental effect on my health, as I’m a type 1 diabetic and struggle with stress anyway (the last few years have been really hard) and I’ve been spending time in and out of hospital lately and as such missing work and pay.

Please can someone help as I’m pretty much at the end of my tether now. I will have to quit work in the new year if things don’t change but I want to work and be able to provide for my children.


  • Bob says:

    Hi dylan head on over to:
    http://www.dadtalk.co.uk and post under the Legal Eagle forums there.

    Some people can give you some good advice.

  • Dylan Law says:

    Many thanks, I’m looking into the site now.


  • isaac says:

    I think the customer service at the centre needs (endinburgh EH1 5BD) to be checked or re-trained re: customer care/focus/service . if only its true the phones gets recorded when people ring in then management need to train staff regarding on custmer focus. if a case worker has been allocated to someone why do staff try to brush of the query of can i speak to my case worker?

    some staff (which i wont name)have i seletive hearing when talking to them. they dont hear the full query BUT just keep on repeating the same all sentence; hence YOU the staff make people get more fraustrated which may lead to the voice being raised or shouted at.

    The other issue is returning simple courtsey call to mention or state that either a fax or email has been recieved? we are aware that we have to pay the maintance fee but it also depends on how much can somone really afford? its no point in staff sayin that they dont care or take in a board if someone is being threaten with homelessness with his other or may end up losing his job because the LAW states that C.S.A can take all your wages?

    no wonder some some people end up being depressed and the rest… oo well C.S.A dont care or arent bothered. well a listening and understanding goes a mile.


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