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CSA leaves me with nothing and I can’t cope

I live I Frome near Bath. I live and work in this area earning 16,000 per annum, about 12,000 net. My outgoings leave me with £2,200 per annum to eat and clothe myself, but the CSA say I must pay £1,700 in maintenance to my wife for my two children, this leaves £500. Per annum and they don’t care.

My wife enjoys nights out, tattoos, fags, and foreign holidays and I am seriously considering suicide as this is no life. My outgoings are not considered in the calculations. My wife has grabbed everything because she wanted more money and I can’t cope much longer. My outgoings should be considered not my incomings. If I could I would have dad sole custody, I have done nothing wrong. I cannot earn more. I have serious health problems related to stress about money. The CSA are not interested. This is an awful agency and grossly unfair.

2 thoughts on “CSA leaves me with nothing and I can’t cope

  1. feel the same should be a pation to rule out csa iv tryed to come to a agreement with them but they dont care

  2. I hope you weren’t that serious about committing suicide. I’m not in a position to help you with your problem but i can assure you I’m in a worse position. If you read 2 stories down from yours, the one about me being a victim of an extremely corrupt government, i think you might find my position is worse than yours. They’ve stolen as much as £3000 from my bank account via court order, which i couldn’t afford to lose; to make it worse it was mid December, my 4 kids went with out Christmas presents that year. I’m not suicidal so I hope you’ll put that idea out of your head

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