CSA leaves me with no money for food

April 7, 2012

After a breakdown, I was unable to work for a number of years and then found myself in “the benefit trap” With a lot of help I managed to get back into Part time work and was paying the CSA £40 per month. I’ve just been told by the CSA that they are going to take £260 a month.

By their own calculation, I earn £109 pw and they will be taking 60% of that. That leaves me £32 per week to pay rent, council tax and food. I am now homeless, and desperate. I can’t even afford the bus to work.

My mental health is also suffering.

What do I do now?


  • Carol says:

    Have they made an error on your salary? They should be leaving you with 60% of your net salary.

    Write a formal letter of complaint or get your MP involved letting them know that this will push you out of a job.

    You should also have a protected earnings amount which means they cannot leave you with less than that amount they have calculated.

  • ELJ says:

    That, is error their part my employer gave csa wrong details they didn’t add tax etc. just gross pay they wanted to take off £72 a week and I am only bringing home £180 in the end I managed to get a decent representative who organised it to be reassesed.

    They did state my cut off is £140 or something or other but it is still being reassesd.

    Anyway you want to try and explain to them make sure you wage slip there handy so you can answer their questions etc.

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