CSA landing me in huge financial and legal trouble

April 21, 2015

CSA messed up my calculation in 2013, have been wrongly charging me since and still won’t put it right. Also being difficult about applying a variation that’s needed.

I’ve been paying more than I can afford, and due to other financial committments I cannot afford the full amount from next month onwards.

My ex just wants as much money as possible for them, when she has loads of money and won’t look for work.

There is no chance that CSA will deal with and accept a formal lower payment request in time for next month if at all, based on my consisent dire experience of dealing with them.

I either pay what they demand and go short on essential costs for me and my family, e.g not meet communting costs. Or cancel with them and hope my ex and her family see some compassion in time and ask the CSA to end the case, otherwise I’m in huge financial and legal trouble.

I have a wife with disabilities and young children but the CSA only seem to care about my ex and her son.


  • bob says:

    Its not her son. Its yours as well. Pay fair.

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