CSA kept the money they took from me

September 10, 2010

I found out that a third party child support collection agency received a $2,669.00 check collected from my x-husband in 2006. I have NEVER received child support so I never kept up with my child support account until the Attorney General contacted me that it was going to be closed. I requested an itemized statement and noticed then the money collected three years ago. I contacted the agency and they were rude and arragant. Telling me to prove up my allegations they would have nothing to do with it.

They stated they have never received nor negotiated any money on my account for collections. I requested a copy of the cashed check made out to them, it was sent to them and they refused to look at it. After over a month finally I convinced them to open the letter and sure enough they had signed it and had kept the money all this time. Throughout this experience the manager of this agency was very mean to me with his words, especially when I ask for the return of all the money.

It seems that they were supposed to get 25% but kept 33%. I have long lost my contract with them. I would hope they would have to pay interest on the money they were supposed to send me for support of my child three years ago. Though I’ve search, I cannot locate their guidelines that would address this situation. After I receive the money (the manager said he would “possible” mail the check out soon) I plan to fill out every complaint allowed in the state of Texas. Any advice?


  • Brokenfather says:

    This ia a UK based site not a US one.

    Why do the operators of this site publish posts that clearly have nothing to do with the UK CSA?

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