CSA keeps telling me different things

November 13, 2012

I Have been paying csa for many years now through arrestment of wages order. I went to court for my daughter over 10 years ago and was given indirect contact, which wasn’t followed through so have had no contact with my daughter since she was 5 yrs old. Thanks to facebook I have now started speaking to her and building the relationship she should have had with her father!

It turns out my estranged daughter has since left full time education and has moved out of family home (17 years old).

I have contacted CSA and keep getting told different things! They have advised it is up to me to supply proof of the above -how can i do that if I am estranged thanks to my ex!

I have been told my ex is still claiming child benefit (fraudulently) and therefore whilst she is still claiming I still have to pay, that could be until she is 19 years old.

I have reported her to benefit fraud but seem to be getting nowhere!
Ahhhhh I need advice!


  • Jo says:

    Do what we did look at the electorol register and phone child benefit of your claims. If you have to supply proof, turn the tables and say why doesn’t the pwc do the same to counter claim it. Keep on if you know youre correct, we did and saw our mp it saved us 4000.00 for an assessment csa had in place. Good luck.

  • Alice says:

    If Child benefit is still in payment the CSA have to keep the case open unless your ex requests that it be closed. As your daughter is no longer living with her or in full time education she is claiming CB Fraudulently and you have taken the first step in getting this resolved by reporting her – I am not sure what evidence the CB office accept or who they go about investigating this.

    contact the CSA regularly and ask them to check if CB is still being paid to your ex – also ask if they would consider cancelling your Deduction of Earnings Order whilst Cb office investigate the claim. If you are in contact with your daughter via FB and are able to provide evidence from that contact they may take this as grounds to contact the PWC and inform her than they have reason to believe that your daughter should no longer be named as a qualifying child in the case and she may well come clean and allow the case to close.

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