CSA keeps sending me letters

May 25, 2012

Well I have been paying for my son since he was born he is now 6yrs old.

The CSA keep sending me letters so I decided to call them and tell them that I am giving money to my child and his mother, but the woman I spoke to, Vicky, Piss taking made me out like I was a criminal and a bad father.

Now my son loves me unconditionally but I felt very hurt by this woman trying to make out that I was a bad father, also a bad man.

I refused to tell her that I worked or was on job seekers they can not get a hold of my sons mother as I offered to give them a valid phone number for her and address they refused due to data protection but before you go around asking us fathers for the money we owe or do not owe, take a step back and ask the (goven-ment to harm us) where is all the uncounted for money that they put in there bonuses every year and leave the country in debt……


  • Brett says:

    All the CSA are interested in is taking your money from you. They’re not interested in any hard luck stories or MP’s bonuses or MP’s fiddling their expenses.
    It will probably cause friction with you and your child’s mother but every time you give her money for your child or buy clothes etc get her to give you a receipt, signed and dated,

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