CSA keeps reassessing my partner when nothing has changed

December 24, 2011

My partner has been paying the CSA religiously since him and his ex wife split/divorced…. They seem to be assessing him every other month!!!! WHY….. he keeps getting letters saying ” we understand that your circumstances may have changed, please provide 2 consecutive payslips ” NOOOOOOOO they havent changed. They keep asking him to provide his employers name, address and when he started work, WHICH THEY HAVE HAD A DOZEN TIMES… why why why are they picking on him. He pays the CSA every month exactly what the CSA have told him to pay, its now starting to look like bullying….

Actually there was a change his tax code changed from 363L to K18 which means he now he is taxed on every penny he earns…. But that changed only happened recently…..

Can someone please let me know if they are allowed to keep assessing him every other month when nothing has changed or could it be his ex wife who keeps insisting they assess?


  • bob says:

    No he should say if the continue he should get a trial set for harassment and emotional carnage

  • janet says:

    They can assess if they have been notified of pay increases etc as they need to insure he pays enough to be honest just send in what they need so then there’s no issue

  • Tina says:

    he sent everything they needed… we are considering getting a solicitor involved to stop the harassment. We found out why she needs more money, she is off to San Diego tomorrow for a 2 week holiday…..She needs shopping money, They then wonder people get pee’d off with greedy ex wives… they money is clearly not for the son, but for her to have a good time in the States.

  • Henry says:

    They can re-assess you as many times as your ex requests it. They’re doing it to me at the moment. On the upside it’s up to the CSA to prove a change has been made in your circumstances and if there’s no change get your employer to write to them… sent recorded delivery!!!

  • janet says:

    Another vindictive woman thinks that the money goes to fund a lifestyle other than the child one word PATHETIC at the end of day if there is no change of circumstances why worry or stress about it

  • Tina says:

    Another WOMAN who felt the need to reply to my post and make out she is so hard done by……two words pathetic b***h

  • janet says:

    Haha I’m not hard done by love!

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