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CSA keeps paying the wrong account

I claimed csa for my daughter expecting it to make life a lot easier for all parties. He paid happily (as we agreed it was best to go through them to reduce tension and arguements) They recieved the payment from him on the 28th sept and i have still not recieved it on the 20th oct. Intitally they said i would recieve it on the 3rd oct and sent 3 letters confirming this.

When i hadn’t recieved the payment on the 3rd i phoned to discover they had recieved the payment on the 28th but the money wasn’t being sent to my account untill the 5th oct and i would have to wait a futher 3-5working days for the money to clear into my account. Thn after 5 working days when i had still not recieved the money i called them to check where the money was and they had sent it to the incorrect account number so the payment had been returned to them.

However instead of ringing me the system just re sent the payment again to the incorrect account so i would have to wait a further 3-5 working days for the payment to be returned to them so they could then send the payment to the correct account number and wait 3-5 working days for it to clear into my account. I am still waiting and will check and hope i do recieve it by the last date as i really don’t want to have to phone them again.

The staff at CSA have been quite rude reminding me that i shouldn’t rely on this money as it could stop at any time or my ex partner could lose his job????? I don’t see what this had to do with the money they had recieved that still hasn’t reached my account and it seems to be a popular phrase for them to use, i’ve not had one appology for their errors and just a lack of information and bein told i have to wait till………

This should have been a simple straight forward process and should have reached my account by now besides that i think they need to retrain their staff to be polite and helpfull

2 thoughts on “CSA keeps paying the wrong account

  1. DO NOT EVER,EVER USE THE CSA.. you will both be worse off & the “child” will suffer. Speak the the ex & arrange a provate agreement. it’s better for everyone, just remember to be realistic, that way nobody feels like they are being “screwed”.

    I’m being screwed, to the point, if I had I gun I’d wipe the bitch off the map…it’s not about the kids, it pure greed on her part 🙁

  2. Good advice, if you ever take one piece of advice please take this one or you will definitely live to regret it.

    Nobody needs the parasites in their life, once they get in you don’t get rid of them in a hurry ………

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