CSA keeps making up arrears no matter how many times I complain

August 25, 2011

In 2009 after paying the csa on a doe order since 2005, i got hit with a £1400 arrears bill, with which i spent 13 months contesting it.

In june 2010, while talking to one of the so called case workers, they stopped the £1400 arrears within 7 days! Something which normally takes 12 weeks. Then 13 months later, after not hearing anything from them, i rang them to ask for an arrears breakdown, to which they agreed and i received.

Just after receiving this breakdown, i was sent a giro for £12 which i was told was a refund, and i was to expect more! suprise suprise, 1 week later i was told i owe them £192!

I then contested this and emailed them 4 times, but i have not to this day received a call from the appropriate worker that dealt with my case. I only received phone calls from the numptys who look at the computer all day and get told they would pass my emails onto the relevent worker.

What a bloody joke.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    Another case of the fictional arrears!
    Well done for contesting them.
    The CSA hope you won’t which means less work and more money for them.

    The moral here is:-
    Never deal with the CSA on the phone.
    Always keep all paperwork,letters in date order until your child is 21 as least.

    Good post Eric!

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