CSA keeps making mistakes

May 20, 2010

My husband was made redundant last May. He informed the CSA and was told they would sort things out with the job centre for his two children.

For the nine months he was unemployed we received innumerable demands for payments for differing amounts for one / either / both of his children. Each of which would prompt a phone call to explain he was unemployed, so wasn’t earning, and had been told they would sort it out with the job centre. Eventually we found out the person who had taken the initial call had updated his son’s records but not his daughter’s (different monthers).

When he started work again he called them, told them he’d set up the standing order to son’s mother again, which they were fine with, and could he have a standing order form so he could set up payments to them again for daughter, which is how he used to pay.

No, because he owed them money. Cue the whole rigmarole again which took a while.

Eventually we got a sensible figure out of them based on the amount of time he had actually been back at work, we paid it, and they said they would send the standing order form.

They haven’t sent the form, he’s called them again today to find out where it is to be told he can’t have a form because he owes them money (because it has taken them so long to issue the paperwork he’s been paid again!), and he can’t pay by standing order any more, it has to be by direct debit and the last person he spoke to should have told him that.

Forgive me if i really don’t trust them to actually take the correct amount of money every month!

Is there anything we can do?