CSA keeps making errors but we cannot fight the system

February 7, 2012

In 2005 we had been happily paying child maintenance to my ex partner for my daughter but for some reason we am not clear of these payments stopped going out of our account. As soon as we had realised these payments were not going out our account we contacted child support agency immediately. At the time no child maintenance arrangements was in place for my other two children,so contact was made personally from us to child support agency volunteering information of all three of my children, informing you exactly where they lived at the time, contact we was and wasn’t having, and a detailed account of what we we’re paying out at the time for things my children needed. We did this by post and phone.

On our last telephone conversation with child support agency we was told that the information we we’re providing was no use to them, as it wasn’t coming directly from the mothers that the children lived with. We then voiced our concern that we didn’t want to be lumbered with arrears and we accepted we needed to make payments towards the children, but we were still met with the same response,“ There is nothing we can do about it until the mothers contact us, so there is no need to keep ringing and writing to us until contact is made to the child support agency by the mothers.”

In the meantime we was having regular contact with my other 2 children and had in affect come to an arrangement with Their mother, to contribute towards the children’s necessaries, and shared contact. As with regards to my other daughter contact had not been arranged because my ex partner had moved and had not left a forwarding address or contact number, which made arranging contact and child maintenance impossible to resume.

We then heard nothing from child support agency until 2008 when we received a letter stating that both child support cases had been closed, no further action was being taken and that there was nothing more we needed to do. We took from this letter as it stated there was nothing more we needed to do, our understanding of this was that both mothers,were happy with said decision and the cases were closed.

We continued to have regular contact with my 2 children, then in August 2010 1 of my children decided to come and live with us, and the other child stayed with his mother. Still no contact was in place for other daughter because we still had no contact information for her and no possible way of finding this out.

Then out of the blue in October 2011 we had a phone call from child support agency admitting an error in the case with regards to my children and had been closed, and had been stuck in the old system and was now being re-opened.

Child support agency had told us that they had been in contact with both mothers, The result of this was my ex with the 2 children confirmed that my daughter had now moved in with us and was happy to keep the case closed, so no further action would be taken. As for my other ex, we have been informed by child support agency that she had been making several complaints for some time on her case being closed, we can’t help but feel for her as surely at this point child support agency should have re-opened the case sooner, and for our payments to have resumed with herself. We also feel that my ex has properly never been informed that we have contacted child support agency on several occasions trying to arrange payments, which we have no doubt that she may think we are not wanting to take any responsibility for my daughter which is untrue and certainly unfair to her, myself and our daughter.

We have been very co-operative and provided all relevant information that has been requested from us, but at present we are finding it very hard to accept the arrears child support are demanding, as from our point of view the case had been closed through no fault of our own in 2008, and we deem it extremely unfair that when we had tried on numerous occasions to sort this out before it got to this stage and any arrears had been incurred.

We have and still are more than happy to pay my ex, child maintenance for my daughter, we always have been, but due to an error on child supports systems and the case being closed in their admitted error, we do not feel this is our fault that there is now nearly seven years of arrears on this case .

I do need to stress to the child support agency that yet again we are not refusing to make regular maintenance payments for my daughter , however we will be putting my other four children under hardship if we are to make the arrears payments, due to the fact of us already being on a consumer credit council agreement which I can provide if needed, having a mortgage to pay, feeding my family and making sure bills are kept unto date, which is why we once again several years ago tried to sort this out before any arrears were incurred. we also fear for that child support agency has started that the arrears will be taken from a deduction of earning directly from my wages, which to me and possibly my employer will state that I do not want to take any responsibility for the upkeep of my daughter, which as you can clearly see is untrue, we have just been unable to as we don’t know her where about.

We have since 2005, got married and had 3 other children,and are very concerned about our financial situation and strain the arrears payments are going to have on us as a house hold and the possibilities of losing our home as we could not possibly keep up-to-date with our mortgage and bills as well as pay the very high arrears that we have be landed with because of child support agencies ADMITTED error, not ours.

I now feel I have to seek legal advise with regards to this issue which is more expense to us due to an admitted error of which the child support agency has made. I will be forwarding a copy of this letter of appeal to my local MP, as we feel like our case has escalated out of control through no fault of our own.

I’d also like to request for the arrears to be put on hold while this matter is being dealt with, however we are wanting to resume regular payments for maintenance of my daughter as soon as possible.

This a a copy of the appeal letter, and since this was sent we have been told that appeals department cannot deal with it, we have to send it to complaints instead,FEEL LIKE WE ARE BEING PASSED FROM PILLAR TO POST. we are now making regular payments and trying to pay off the arrears at the same time, no one wants to help us, it seems like CSA pockets are deeper than ours so you cannot fight the system. we are now left with nearly £10,000 worth of arrears . PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE CAN WE, WE NEED ADVICE


  • j says:

    Yes you can fight the system, you can bring it crashing down and thats what really frightens ‘them’, just stop playing their game by their rules.

  • richardson says:

    If we don’t play by their rules, we will get stung even more! no one is there to help people in our situation. we have had no choice but to pay it!

  • j says:

    richardson on November 11th, 2012 5:49 pm

    If we don’t play by their rules, we will get stung even more! no one is there to help people in our situation. we have had no choice but to pay it!”

    I stopped playing by their rules in 2007. When my assesment was a reasonable amount I paid, each week it went up until it got so much I gave up my job. In my case I was very lucky and went back to uni supported by my new partner. Others simply give up work and sign on, others give up paying tax and work on the fiddle. I’m still fighting the csa now, its costing them a fortune. Since 2007 I have not paid direct tax, I’m not sure how much revenue the government have lost from me but there are others like me and we are growing in number. Its costing the government a small fortune and I’m glad. I didnt support the disgusting and unprovoked attack on Iraq (however bad hussein was), I didn’t support the disgusting and unprovoked bombing campaign on Libya (however bad gaddafi was), and I dont support the disgusting csa. I am one person, my name is legion, we will win.

  • j says:

    Ps take a look at this recent post on this site –

    ‘Court ruling leaves child maintenance authority ‘emasculated’

    – You see, you can fight the system, especially when this disgusting, discredited organisation make mistakes. There are lots of people who can help including those that post comments on this site. Keep fighting, you will win in the end.

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