CSA keeps losing our files

February 17, 2011

My husband was contacted many years ago saying he owed over £40,000.  He disputed this amount and many times requested a breakdown of these arrears.  Two years ago following a DEO order we asked the CSA to check again these arrears.  Following several case workers, missing files etc, uncountable phone calls to CSA and unreturned calls the CSA wrote and said the debt was correct – but again unable to provide a breakdown.  We have now taken our case to NACSA, who have been brill.  We obtained a copy of our Data Protection Files and NACSA have found the error and produced a report for the CSA.  It appears that an IMA had been placed in 2007 and backdated.

This is where the arrears have arisen.  We have sent a copy of the full NACSA report to the CSA and are waiting for their response.  So it does appear that sometimes the CSA are unable to find their own errors and it takes an expert in the CSA law to find this.  Hopefully CSA will now help us to correct this error.


  • CookieMonster says:

    Well Done, Hope everything is resolved soon

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