CSA keeps changing my payments for no reason

July 16, 2012

I work in Saudi Arabia and have been paying money to the CSA from 2005. From the start of them contacting me there has then been nothing but trouble they made an error about what date they were to take money out of my account and then never contacted me in Saudi Aarbia for 3 months by this time they said I was in arrears and they had got an attachment of earnings.

I get regular letters from them saying my circumstances have change and ever time my payments change but my circumstances have not changed.

Last year they stopped taking payments because they had misunderstood there own rules and I never paid any money for a year while they went to court against my former wife who appealed the decision and she won the appeal. The CSA then said I was a year in arrears even though it was them who stopped taking the money out of my wages.I started paying nearly treble the amount I was paying before and they are now just taking massive amounts out of my wages.

They dont give me any information about how they have come to the figures they are taking out of my wages. As you can imagine it’s very difficult dealing with them from my work in Saudi Arabia and I have a place in Spain so i dont even live in Uk nowadays. It’s made even more fustrating by the fact that I have a contact order to see my daughter but because they way her mother has been with her I have not seen her for over 5 years.

Paying money for my daughter is not a problem but the amount they take and the changing of amounts at the drop of a hat with no explanation causes me a lot of heart ache.


  • rach says:

    why are you paying csa if you are working in saudi arabia? are you employed by a british company? if not then you are out of the csa jurisdiction

  • sharon says:

    How can you pay CSA? like the comment made in July 2012 I have been told today again after years and years that Saudi is out of csa Jurisdiction.. Unless you work for a british company that pays taxes here. ? My ex runs a huge company in Saudi, Keeps a wife and 2 kids in this country, Has been savy with his property , everything is in her name , and I cannot get a penny of the arrears he ows me .. So how can this be right?

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