CSA keep telling me different things and I don’t know what to do

January 20, 2017

Any advice please, I live with nearly 17yr year old son as a single full time working dad. I have a family arrangement with my ex wife to pay towards my 16 yr old daughter every month and for the child that CSA is involved in I have contact that amounts to 123.5 nights a year (about 33% contact) During the school term I have child care expenses that include school uniforms and childcare outside of school hours. During the holidays I have no option but to arrange for a childminder to what amounts to 95 days after I subtract my annual leave of 28 days.

I have explained all this to CSA at great lenght and even though they have recalculated it would be impossible for me to continue with my current arrangement for the child in person as I would not be able to afford paid childcare.

I get next to nothing in child benefits for the child that lives with me, he is in college for “A” levels and fully dependent on me financially.

There are a couple of points I am failing to understand:

1. Every time I make the point that I am also a single parent but I am not getting child support for the child that lives with me they suggest that I make a claim, if I were to do that it would be against my ex wife (remarried with 2 other kids besides my daughter) who lives with the daughter that I make payments towards. Yet at the same time CSA are saying that they have taken into consideration that I am paying towards my daughter. So I am not sure how that works that where I am paying money and apparently they have acknowledged but are suggesting I make a claim?

2. when I break down the payments I make for the child in question they say that this is something that the mother does not acknowledge even though its something that was agreed in court.

In a previous discussion one of the advisors told me that they would take my payments into consideration and in the next conversation a different advisor said that those were my own costs for looking after my child and by law I have to pay the other parent. As it stands I am considering forfeiting my contact altogether and just set up the payment they are demanding as there is no way I can afford to pay both CSA childcare costs.


  • Dana says:

    Put everything in writing demand everything in writing, if your not happy put a stage one complaint in.
    You do need to claim csa from your ex for your 17 year old , she will have to pay you 15% of her wages to you, she won’t pay csa on 20% of her wages as she has other children.
    But you can claim from her and you must.
    You will have your account
    And the one that your paying to her.
    Please claim from her these women take men for everything start taking back.
    Record every call name date but get everything in writing

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