CSA keep hounding me even though circumnstances haven’t changed

February 21, 2016

I have been investigated every 6 moths for the last 5 years even though all reassessments have either been the same or marginally more. Last June I was told by the CSA that they were in agreement with the current maintenance and no further contact would be made for 12 months.

Now 7 months later, I have to complete a full reassessment again because the Ex believes that I have changed jobs. This is not true as I explained to the CSA. In fact I quoted my current basic pay over the phone which was one of their options. Low and behold, I have received a letter saying they want my last 2 months payslips. When will they ever stop hounding us non-resident parents who always pay the full amount on time ?

I’m so sick of amateur clerks looking at my variable pay and asking what it means if an element is non-taxable (expenses hotel and food for working abroad)and other items. I have written countless letters and the CSA have contacted my employer to have it all explained.


  • Montanna says:

    Now this is part of the CSA guidelines that they will not investigate unless they hear from the NRP.

    But there is no limit to how frequent the PWC can make accusations about your work.

    It seems that could be harassment.

    Complain in writing to the CSA, copy in your mp.
    State how it’s making you feel.

    Find a petition on the parliment website Google csa petition and sign as many as you can.

    Hire a csa lawyer to speak to the csa.

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