CSA just will not listen

November 13, 2014

I recieved a letter from the csa a couple of months ago stating that i owe £11,000 backpay, and that they will be taking a monthly amount out of my wages as of 2 months ago.

While i accept i do owe some money i don’t think it amounts to what they are stating,i have 2 children, one has lived with her father since she was six she is now 20, the other has lived with his father since he was 14 he is now 19.

In the time they lived with me i never recieved any payment from their father,the csa have not replied to any of my 3 letters i have sent them i even sent one recorded delivery, they have said on the phone basically they are adamant i have to pay this full amount.

They are not listening to me,so now i am living off £660.00 a month to pay my rent and bills and also put food on the table,this has put alot of stress on my life,my marriage and my health, i don’t know who to turn to for help.


  • Iruler08 says:

    Hi I posted some feedback on CSA Hells Facebook page re this issue. CSA do not listen that is well known so what do you do? Firstly ask they post their appeals policy document, when received follow the procedure and set-out why you believe their figures don’t add up, when setting out your case ensure you take into account the number of nights your children spend with you in the year as above 52 you get a discount, also if you have children from another marriage/relationship this also affords you a reduced payment. If you have proof of any agreement with your ex re payments provide this as evidence of your maintenance payments. Never give cash or money to ex partners without an agreement in place. When all this is done request in your appeal statement/letter that you want a detailed breakdown of CSA’s calculation which must be clear and precise setting out the basis of the calculations. You must do this as what the CSA and Government don’t disclose to NRP’s is that if you go to court and challenge the sums put forward by the CSA the Magistrates and judges have no legal authority to look into your complaint unless you have been through the appeals process!! Be Warned!! The CSA is an arm of the Government knowingly and purposely limiting disclosure of the process to rip off NRP’s under the umbrella of a “failure of the NRP to comply”. Do not receive calls from the CSA, respond in writing within 7 days (a reasonable time) and send recorded delivery not free-post!! The whole CSA process is about Osborne and Cameron hiding behind the veil of the “absent parent!!” You know where NOT to vote!!!

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