CSA just takes whatever it wants

August 18, 2014

It all started when I left home my wife and my kids!! Not only has the ex got the house, she has got the csa involved who do not take anything into consideration when it comes to the non resident parent.

£900 a month which was including arrears almost 45% of my take home wage for two years. The arrears paid off it dropped to £656. I now have a new partner and a beautiful young baby girl and am trying to get on with my life without a huge noose round my neck crippling me and my new family.

Its been a nightmare the csa just take what they feel like and leave me with next to nothing to survive on every month. It has come to a point where I do not have enough funds for the rent and food and nappies for my baby girl. I have no money for two weeks of the month leaving us destitute and unable to get out.

I am now worried that if the rent doesn’t get paid we will be out on the street with a young baby girl of 8 months…. My ex doesn’t care as long as she gets her doe!! She has a specialist working for her claiming everything she can get!! She doesn’t work for a living and gets disability benefit herself and high rate disability for our son. She plays games with my kids and finds it amusing at the same time.

For an adult of 50 she needs to own up to her responsabilities and stop sponging of the state and me….. I am thinking about going on the dole and claim housing benefit so we can get by without been forced out on the street homeless.


2 Responses to “CSA just takes whatever it wants”

  1. Sathit Eamdee on August 18th, 2014 1:56 pm

    This agency is a retarded agency I phone them up on 18/08/2014. Asking a simple question “1. Child support agency CSA this word “child support” I am paying for my daughter if I am right? He said “yes”
    2. Can you prove that the money that I pay is going to child? He said “No we can’t prove anything and is up to her what she want to do with the money”
    3. So you are company not Child Support Agency is should be Ex Partner Support Agency if I am correct? He said “Yes”
    4. Why am I paying for my ex partner to have a night out enjoying her self with my money and my daughter sitting at home with her grand parent?
    He said “we only here to collect the money.”
    5. So you are a debt collector then.

  2. gonk on August 19th, 2014 9:52 am

    that is a brilliant post and sums up this shit house agency and the greedy ex’s that exploit it to milk dads to piss up the wall as they like.
    c****s both of them

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