CSA just makes things worse for parents

May 16, 2010

I have been waiting neary 8 years for my payments for my daughter, as my ex partner kept dodging making payments, it has gone to court several times and he has had liability orders set out against him time and time again! And guess what still No money. My case has been passed around to so many differant case workers who don’t know whats going on and ive now had enough.

I’ve now been told that my ex partner is having the bailiffs knocking on his door for collection of money which is due £9450.34 which apparently is going to be paid to secretary of state even tho i’ve never been on benefits…Recieved a maintanance assesment which made me so angry telling me that all my ex partner has to pay from now on is £8pw even tho he earns over 25k a year.

Csa is a joke they say there here to help parents but all they do is make things worse.