CSA just like pirates

August 16, 2014

Following an issue I contacted the CSA they said they did not receive the payments for Aug and Sep, when I explained that my wages were deducted by the amounts detailed that still said they did not receive them and they would be increasing the DOE.

My Oct wages were in deed deducted by £718.89, in fact they could not deduct the £760.91 because this would have reduced my wage to below that of the “minimum protected allowance” of £1161.50.

A local MP contacted then CSA and in deed the CSA confirmed the monies paid on the 28 Aug 2013 and 26 Sep 2013 were received but they still proceeded to take £760.91.

My take home pay if normally £1880.39 but for some reason the CSA use £1953.83 which also puts me at an ongoing disadvantage.

Ive complained and complained but getting no where with the CSA, my wages are being plundered by the CSA.


  • John says:

    Worst of all M.P.’s know about the total shambles the CSA system is in……..and yet they do NOTHING about it!

    M.P.’s put this crap on the statute book. THEY are responsible!

    Complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsman (PHSO) regarding CSA maladministration, and complain about your M.P. to them also.

  • Dave P says:

    i was left with next to nothing by the CSA for 18 months but some how i got through it . ..since then Ive missed ….18th birthdays …21st birthday …daughters wedding ….grand kids christenings/birthdays …the CSA causes long term problems, …all cases are different but they are useless and never listen

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