CSA just doesn’t listen

March 30, 2012

First problems in 2006. they assessed my earnings from my gross rather than my net pay and took too much money off me, leaving me scarcely able to afford food. I phoned to tell them this to be told (And I quote exactly) ‘Thats not my problem’ I ended up off work for 10 days with this stress as a result and phoned them to tell them that I would now have even less money as I had been off sick and was assured this would be taken into account. When I was paid again theyd taken even more off me, leaving me just £40 to feed myself for a month!

Again I phoned and again I was told ‘Thats not my problem’ I complained and was then contacted in a white-washing exercise when a liar phoned me and told me they hadnt assessed me off my gross pay (I knew this was a lie as the same man and me sat talking on the phone and discussing figures) needless to say I wasnt reimbursed.

Fast forward to January 2012, and my new place of work is in the throes of closing down and were all being laid off. One of them phones up demanding information from me. I tell them, im currently homeless (I have mental health issues related to my military service that cause me problems in permanent accomodation) and also in less than three weeks im being laid off.

They keep sending letters to my old address where I havent lived since 2010 which occasionally get passed on to me. They recently sent one saying theyve assessed for so much and its being taken from 08/04/2012. Good luck, I havent worked since 21/02/2012!!!


  • elaine says:

    They are more corrupt than all the polaticians. My partner is ex forces and suffers from PTSD however it didn’t stop them lying to him, making him sell his home and take nearly 70% of his weekly earnings even tho the rules they laid out state they cannot make you sell the house you live niether can they take more than 40% of your earnings. They make it up as they go along and they get away with it because the government keep it covered up because its one of their biggest cock ups. Having said that, and there’s so much more, my partner badgers them every day, calls them every day, mails them eery day. We won’t give up because at some point they will have to come to light and exposed publically…. Good luck 🙂

  • steve says:

    Thanks Elaine, its actually PTSD I have as well, TBH I considered going to the press as well but not a lot of point nothing will change!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Get the help of your MP.
    Once the problem has been resolve, then off to your local newspaper with the story.

  • steve says:

    I got the MP on the case, but didnt do much good, he just ‘referred’ it onto somebody else. I never got reimbursed anyway

  • Pamela says:

    Take it to the papers Steve, that will be my next step even though I have my MP involved and he seems to be very supportive at the moment. Mine is with the bailiffs at the moment.

    We need to raise public awareness of this especially with the elections looming.

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