CSA just demanded almost 4 grand from me!

August 29, 2015

I’ve just received an arrears order from csa for nearly £4,000.These arrears were run up due to there inability to process changes in my circumstances. The first was a change in employment the second when I remarried.

The first I can accept but the second I can not .They maintained that my new wife’s earnings would not be taken into account in assessing my payments.As I’ve always been up front with them all information they required was given. My payment rose by £140 .When asked why they said it was due to household diposable income.

But they told me her wages weren’t to be taken into account. When asked about this they still maintained that her wages weren’t used in the assessment but my payments rose by £140,you figure.They also contacted my employer ,the payment was taken directly out of wages.There was no avenue of appeal.Anyway payments were taken but not forwarded to my ex wife.So in 2005 she agreed to have a personal agreement so did away with csa.So to bring it up to date my kids are 25 and 20 and last week I received a letter from csa that I owed nearly £4,000 and that they’d already got in touch with my employer and from this month nearly £400 would be taken from my wages,I would have no say.

I always paid for my children, how after 10 years can they demand this money.


  • Tomy says:

    See your local mp and tell him his local council won’t be getting is council tax from you.tell him it’s because the csa or whatever there called now got in contacted your employer without contacting you first .tell him/her that you will be applying these austerity measures until he sorts out your problem .

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