CSA just cannot get it right

November 22, 2012

It started 6 years ago when CSA took over £100 from my partners wages through work which also cost us £1 per week for this to be done. We then had to remortgage, so I now work to pay the mortgage only. We have not had a holiday for years, my own children have suffered, my partner’s other children have suffered and also our grandchildren as no finances spare to live.

We have 2 charging orders on our house, and my partner is now paying £150 per week via his work again, which leaves us in debt every week, and bills not being paid on time, and being charged bank charges.

I have contacted the local MP, House of Lords, Prime Minister, Work & Pensions no feedback, no-one seems to care. It has affected our health and now on medication, our relationship, and also my partner has not had any contact with his daughter since 2003 also her surname has been changed, until recently she contacted her Dad, she is now 16.

Have attended appeals as at one stage the CSA told us we did not have to pay anything, after this appeal we were asked to send in paperwork from my past dating back to 2003, then we got letters saying we were in arrears by one amount then following day another letter with another amount. Letter after letter contradicting themselves, the resident parent had written to the CSA with about 3 A4 pages saying how much I was earning, my ex was paying for our mortgage, we had our own business etc, and it went on, the whole lot was lies but the CSA never even considered that she had lied in writing, we were humilated in the appeal.

Last year I had a cancer scare and I received a call from the CSA at the wrong time when things were bad at home and they just didn’t want to listen they didn’t have any consideration or compassion, they have upset both myself and my partner so many times over the phone and by letter that we both felt like doing something stupid.

This is only half of it, there is more but it will go on for ever, we have all documentation and would appreciate help, so please help as we cannot continue like this for much longer, as I have now been on anti depressants and my partner a few years ago suffered a heart attack and is suffering pains constantly now. Please Please Please help. Why is the CSA law?


  • stuart mitchell says:

    if you feel the CSA has got it wrong, complain in writing stating you wish this maladministration looking into. copy your MP and if no response you are entitled to go to the independant case examiner, however there is a year waiting list. keep all records and pester them daily for responses. But ensure all your calls are recorded.

  • chall says:


    When did the case initially commence (on/after or before 03/03/03)?

    Did your OH provide all the info needed by the agency to enable a proper assessment to be calculated OR was the case subjected to a penalty/default assessment, which has been corrected at a later date?

    Quote Sharon; We have 2 charging orders on our house…

    ~ are both re the CSA?

    Was your OH aware the agency were seeking enforcement action ie; Liability Orders, at the time?

    How much are the arrears on the case and has anybody checked to ensure figures are correct?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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