CSA issue couple with £24,000 maintenance bill

November 5, 2010

A Gloucestershire based couple have been left in need of immediate child support agency help after receiving an extremely high bill from the organisation.

Lascelles and Ann Lewis received a letter in the post with no prior warning from the CSA, asking for the immediate payment of just under £24,000 in unpaid child support fees.

The bill pertained to payments for Mr Lewis’s child from a previous relationship, although in 2007 he received a CSA advice letter declaring that the payment order was to be stopped. Then in 2010 he received another letter from them asking for maintenance payments dating back over the last three years to be paid in a lump sum via debit or credit card.

However, the Child Support Agency has now issued him with a further letter to the overall £24,000 bill, stating that £200 will be taken directly from his wages each week going forward to begin repayments on the outstanding sum.

Mr Lewis’ wife, Ann, has claimed that this £200 weekly sum is effectively the cost of their mortgage and will cause serious financial hardship to the couple.

Upon contacting the Child Support Agency, the couple were told that the letter was issued following the formation of the CSA’s new body to trace and rectify unpaid maintenance debts.

“Unpaid child maintenance can never be written off and the CSA is using all of its powers to pursue the £3.8 billion in outstanding arrears,” confirmed a spokesperson for the organisation. “This process involves writing to some parents who may not have heard from us for some time to remind them of their obligations and, if necessary, taking action against them.


  • Busylizzy says:

    If this is the case you must fight it tooth and nail. Lobby your MP go National (Papers, news etc) Don”t take no for an answer. Hang a banner out on your house,if thats what it takes to get someone to notice, bring it to the medias attention. This, once again, is a GROSS injustice and yet another reflection of a crumbling body atempting, in view of the current climate regarding quangos, to save their own skins from the final cut. Be brave , don”t give up or in becouse there are many of us out there persueing the same causes but in order to achieve we all need to be heard. Good Luck

  • Brokenfather says:

    I seriously believe the CSA is undergoing a process of going back over old cases to see if they can justify more money from NRP to keep for the benefit of the Governments coffers because the RP was in receipt of benefits.

  • Busylizzy says:

    Brokenfather accept what you say but not sure cos in that case they are useing these situations in order to quantify their exsistance(sorry spelling).ie colllect regardless threfore they will continue to use these sitiuations in order to quantify their need for their existance??and therefore there is no point to continue?

  • Rach says:

    busy lizzy i spoke to a nice (hard to believe i know but she was actually very sympathetic and helpful!) lady in the debt department to arrange paying off our arrears and she actually let slip that as our debt is owed directly to the secretary of state then it is top of the list for full enforcement measures, which backs up every thing that broken father states and i think as soon as they have collected all the money owed to the ss then they will cease to exist! they really dont care about the money owed to the pwc and it is all wrong they should go now

  • John says:

    ……and yet this week there was a newspaper article where a retired civil servant was sent a letter from HMRC stating that he owed £27,000 in unpaid tax. Ho Ho! I wonder if he felt furious, frustrated and helpless to be stitched up with a large debt, like the rest of us.

    Unbelieveable incompetence that occurs regularly within the ‘ivory towers’ of the protected, untouchable employees, who are put there to serve us and all they do is rip us off. Value for money? I don’t think so!

  • Busylizzy says:

    Thanks Rach for that tip becouse that expains why their hounding me for a debt of over £6.5K they say I owe the SS becouse they FUNDED this amount to my ex in full eventhough I provided evidence to the contrary eg my bank stats,mortgage payments and arrears,COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS, divorce papersetc.. I do not owe this money to my ex. But becouseTHEY funded it in full and ignore me they hound me for repayment as it”s shown as a debt now due to the SS and relates to matters over the “normal” 6 year Stat. They just take the money from me each month even though I haven”t received a payment from the NRP in over 2 years Great Huh.

  • Rach says:

    its disgusting busy lizzy and i do so understand how you feel!

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