CSA is very one sided

June 13, 2011

Hello, i am a 39 year old father of 3, i was married for 15 years, i suffered mental, physical and financial domestic violence for 5 years, when i finally left my ex partner she would not allow contact, i have only seen my kids 5 times in 3 years, she has lied to the CSA saying she looks after them 7 days a week, yet i have recently found out she has been leaving the kids with my mum friday to sunday whilst she spends my £500 a month going away at weekends with her new man. none of the money is being spent on them, my mum even had to buy my 14yr old son new pants because all his are full of holes, the house i left her in has become a total bombsite as i used to do all the housework, she left me with £38,000 worth of debt, and i cant afford legal representation to fight her in a divorce, the CSA only ever take one side and are unsympahetic, i can understand why some fathers have taken there own lives. The system is one sided.

When she did not let me see them i was posting £500 per month through the door as im not a person who neglects my responsibilities, i see enough of that in my job as a police officer. i am honestly at the moment paying for her lifestyle, she has a £160,000 house with £130,000 of equity, she earns £2600 per month net, and is claiming an additional £600 per month child tax credit. i am heavily in debt and get nothing. please please please somebody out there have some fairness and common sense to review and change the system.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    you story is almost identical to mine…you are not alone, and there is nothing you can do. If you have a penis, you are wrong..simples. It is a female oriented world, and if you pop kids your buggered. we are nothing but cash machines for female spending. the cost is causing us to downsize into a caravan soon, as we just can’t afford to live 🙁

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