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CSA is too greedy and wants too much money

My name is jamie im hard working never been out of work for long time , when i was 21 i met a girl she got pregnat but did not know who the father was ! .

Then she told me it was not mine and after 4 years she said he was mine so had to go doctors to have blood test turn out he is mine .

i phone them saying i have trouble to pay bills , clothes , food even traval to work , but they dont care they just want the money they say they look at my case but dont listen now they wanna up it to £580 pounds a mounth!

i have no problem paying for the child but cos she was unfaful i have to suffer where the justist in that!.

she lives in a 2 bedroom house and has a car and works .

i live in a room no car have to walk 3 hours to work and 3 hours back cos the csa wont listen i even lost 2 stone cos can not afford to eat proply.
im only on 19k a year and my rent is in it £500.

like i said they have to listen not all the men in this are bad!
i can not even have a girlfriend cos they think well we take more cos you can live on her wadges.
if anyone know if i have a leagel leg to stand on?

im also disleyx witch stop me getting a well paid job 580 pounds for one child

One thought on “CSA is too greedy and wants too much money

  1. For 1 child they should be taking 15% of your take home pay. So £580 sounds way too high, or are there arrears? If so, then they can take up to 40% to pay off the arrears.

    Do not speak to them on the phone. You must put these matters in writing and go see you MP.

    Come join us on CsaHellHelp and repost your question. You will find many others in the same situation.

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